How we can train Rottweiler as Family Protection Guard dog?

Are Rottweiler Good guard dog?

Normally, when we discuss about Rottweiler Guard Dog so, there are a lot of concepts in mind that they bark or attack on outsiders and other pets to keep them distance. It is possible but a real meaning of guard dog is a protection of owners and their family members even in public place.

Rottweiler guard dogs carrying a naturally protective genes-socializing and training boost their personality and make most sensible strong bloodline. You can hire this breed as best family guard dog but training and socialization is needed.

If you are thinking about hiring a Rottweiler dog to protect your home so you should be compulsory make pup go through a unique training process. A young puppy is right choice for adopting and training because they eager to learn more new things as compared to older Rottweiler dog-become lazy and stubborn etc.

Are Rottweilers dangerous?

Why are Rottweilers dangerous?

 It is considered that Rottweilers are aggressive dog breed. According to the report of Canine aggression Study since 2008 Rottweilers are dangerous breed towards strangers and other pets. Rottweiler listed as second position for aggressive attacks in USA.

 Some dog lovers consider that the reason of a lot Rottweiler attacks associated with dog variety that untrustworthy proprietors and canine battling fans are pulled in to the variety. They trained them just for dogfights and other bad aims. Finally we want to say that aggression might be due to bad training not genetics.

Rottweiler Dog Puppy Protection Training

Training a Rottweiler to be a guard dog or for best personal protection guard dog is very unique idea. This breed is considered No.1 and suitable canine as a perfect protector among all dog breeds.

First of all, fundamental or basic training should be given your little Rottweiler Puppy or any of the dog breed. Educate your dog by basic commands like sit down, stand, and Stay etc. these basic tips will help in controlling Rottweiler puppy.

Reduce bad activities and behavior

Every breed express their natural features like Rottweiler normally trying herd to the people cattle etc. they take it naturally because they have been derived from herding or guard hereditary.

Give a “stop” command immediately if your Rottweiler herd to dogs or push him to back moving to you and anybody.

If your dog is naturally chew any household item so say him “No” loudly or aggressive. You should be using this command in daily base when you see bad activity from your dog.

Once your pets learned about these basic commands then add “Stay” to sly bus. For this process you take words “Sit” then “No” if he follows you apply “Stay”. If you pup again follow you then don’t give reward until learn.

How we can Stop Rottweiler Barking?

When your buddy bark a lot at your home so ready to attempt a complaints from your neighbor even your family member should hesitate. Here you can find some questions’ answers:

Why Do Rottweilers Bark?

What Should You Avoid Doing?

How Do You Stop A Rottweiler Barking?

This dog variety is not barker breed so you can find reasons why your dog barks. Actually there is lot of reasons behind your dog barking, find them and solved.

They are warning you that some kind of danger or strangers nearby. They are god’s creatures and can see disappeared creatures which we can’t see.

They are wanted to say something that they ready to consume a food or water etc. or maybe they want to your attention only. so check it!

They answer to other dogs when any dog bark around you or once. So your buddy responds him with barking and show or communicates in their language. You can control your Rottweiler dog to involve any other activity.

Your Rottweiler missing you sometimes your pet bark a lot when miss you, it is commonly happen when your dog feel boring. A lot of signs you can check when you go to dog whining, jumping towards you etc.

Rottweiler feels boring due to lack of toys to entertainment or you don’t given time from long period so join him for keep quite.

Weather conditions can also impact in barking your dog. When they feel hot or cool environment they warn you by barking. You should be careful about weather condition.

Stressed due to exercise or outing might also be a big reason behind barking your puppy. By chance you can’t give a time they feel mentally stimulation and stressed so bark a lot.

How we can give reward to the Rottweiler dog?

The best way to attracting dog towards you raise puppy’s favorite treat on his head and keep hold in your hand. When you realize that your Rottweiler is focusing in your eyes-try give him command and later give him treat as positive reward. You’ll see 1 or 2 days later your loyal companion follows your commands.  You can give reward them after taking given task of dog dry food biscuit etc.


Rottweiler Attack Training

Attacking and bite training is another big factor for you and your dog. It is a command for biting and holding grip even you don’t ask to leave him. Mostly police and military dogs attempt to this command for crime control purpose but should not endeavor this kind of preparing yourself, as you could genuinely hurt yourself or others.

Police and other drugs crime institutes train their pups according to special method-they have a lot of resources to applying these training tips. Taking appropriately, chomp preparing doesn’t expand a Rottweiler’s animosity.

They use “Go or Attack” commands to holding or attacking defaulter. Their dogs are fully controlled and trainable always bite from the hand and keep hold until they listen “leave “command. So keep in mind Rottweiler training to attack should be your protect not hurt anybody.

Socialization Need

Socialization is another big factor in Rottweiler dog training. This is a basic training technique-help in reducing dog’s extra aggression and attacks to humans and other pets.  You should be taken your dog into parks, functions, bazaars and other shopping outlets – it will judge what is outside world.

You can hire Dog training club for better obedience result plus help in socialization. A lack of socialization makes your puppy more aggressive and attacker-which very difficult to control.

Rottweiler bit power

Rottweiler bit power is a full energetic due to their big size and strong jaws. These dogs grab with their jaws and strike hardly to killing human and other pets. If you are not familiar with any Rottweiler’s background don’t buy, ignore him. Some people buy elder Rottweiler and shocked when they attack outsider because they can’t control him or these dogs not fully trained, so please avoid it.

Rottweiler Exercise requirements

Exercise can impact as positive role on dog’s health and mental stimulation to stay happy. They require daily base exercise whether go to walk in early morning even a little bit of time (20 minutes) in your home yard area. A lack of exercise and attention can enhanced their crazy energy and dangerous. So if you have short time for your puppy then this dog breed is not perfect you.  

you can also join Brain Training For Dogs for better puppy training.

Rottweiler dog Warning Signs

Rottweiler warning signs are the boardswhere you can express that there are Rottweiler guard dogs. You can hold these board signs at your property gate and other where you want to warn public.


Rottweilers are known as a best defender or guard dog in the world.  They are the best family guard dogs considered, if fully trained can defense your house even you leave alone your family. A trained male or female Rottweiler dog is equal to your family member can defends from strangers.


We recommend every viewer buy a stable Rottweiler puppy from a reputable dog breeder.  If you want to rear dog so only select pedigree dog-price might be too but

You’ll find best Rottweiler pup. Pedigree Rottweiler consider pure breed.

You should be familiar with Rottweiler Puppy Price-asking by the professional ethical breeders $1500 approximately.

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  1. Yes Rottweiler is the only dog that gets angry even on his owner as they say that this breed get Psycho when someone irritates him.

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