Is there a long haired Dalmatian? Facts & Puppy Price

Is long haired Dalmatian Standard Breed?

Actually Long haired Dalmatian is a Croatian native dog variety – carrying a recessive gene which makes them most eye catching canine. They are often known as Croatian dog breed. Dalmatian Longhaired Dog breed is very obedience, easy in training, dock diving and agility etc. Long haired Dalmatian puppy is prevails proper spots in at least 12 days in litter age.

Long Haired Dalmatian

How much are long haired Dalmatian?

They are very less in quantity according to the report of 2014 that they were found almost 90 plus in entire world. Long Haired Dalmatian is not recognized as standard breed from AKC till since 2020. We’ve also posted long haired Dalmatian puppy price below.

Do long haired Dalmatians shed?

Some dog fanciers are worried that, does Dalmatian shed a lot?  Long haired Dalmatian shed, so groom your loyal buddy with carefully. The size of long coat Dalmatian is around 3 to 4 inches maximum. The fur of Dalmatian dog puppies is so soft, silky and most beautiful with black bold dots at white skin. While long haired fluffy Dalmatian dogs so popular because of extra long haired on their ears, legs and tail etc. So they require grooming as per need once or twice in a week. They shed almost all of the year.

Long haired Dalmatian shedding is an important issue for dog lovers, so solve it carefully. Use best tools for grooming like fine Bristle brush or rubber curry brush. Definitely you can get rid from the chance of body infections of your Dalmatian dog.

 What is rarest color of Dalmatian?

How many colors of long haired Dalmatian dogs? Long – haired Dalmatians are come in various colors like, blue, brown, white and lemon, black and tan and white and orange etc. the most rare color of this dog variety is black & white(black spots on white body). So there are some long haired Dalmatian dog colors listed below!

Lemon Long haired Dalmatian Puppy

Long haired lemon Dalmatian is very popular among some dog fans.

Black longhaired Dalmatian puppy

Liver or brown longhaired Dalmatian color

You can adopt long haired Dalmatian brown puppies if you like!

Blue Long haired Dalmatian puppies

How much is a Long Haired Dalmatian puppy cost?

If you are busy in searching about “Long Haired Mini Dalmatian puppies for sale” so search online in your domestic area because Long Haired Dalmatian price is depend on the puppy’s quality and breeders’ reputation. The average price of Long coat Dalmatian is around 700$ to1500$. Some Longhaired Dalmatian breeders are asking 500$ to 1200$ in USA. So enjoy Long coat Dalmatian cost.

Long haired Dalmatian breeders

You can find and apply online for Longhaired Cute Dalmatian puppies from the website of LCdals. Type your local city or country with keyword long haired Dalmatian breeders near me or long haired Dalmatian for sale in uk, Aus, USA, Indian, Uk, California, Georgia and Texas etc. we suggest you believe on local area long haired Dalmatian breeder, where you can easily approach and any of the complaint about the puppy.

Are Long Haired Dalmatian good pets?

Definitely Long coat Dalmatians are good for home pet and kids. They are powerful, intelligent and most affectionate companion for children and other pets. Dalmatian is so energetic and less in aggression. They required plenty of exercise and not perfect for apartments.   

What is a good Dalmatian mix?

People who love Dalmatian dog breed and want to rear another breed with it so here we are suggesting them some most popular Long Haired Dalmatian Mix or cross breed. Dalmatian hybrid dog breed mentioned below so enjoy!

  • Goldmation
  • Pitmation
  • Dalmador
  • Dalmatian spaniel
  • Dalcorgi
  • Bodacion
  • Dalmoodle
  • Dalusky


What is the cost of Goldmation? The price of Goldmation is starts from 800$ to 1500$. Goldmation or Golden Retriever mix with Dalmatian dog variety. Dalmatian mix with Golden Retriever is a popular and ideal choice for them who love both of the dog breeds.


The second listed Pitmation dog variety has been designed by crossing of Pitbull and Dalmatian. Dalmatian mix with pitbull is a hybrid dog breed for dog fanciers. Pitmation price is round above almost 600$ to 1000$.


Dalmatian mix with Labrador is a cross canine variety between Labrador retriever and Dalmatian. Dalmador dog’s demand increasing day by day in texas and California, so enjoy below this dog in image. Dalmador puppies cost is between 400$ to 1000$. You can also get opinion about Dalmador price from dog breeders by manually.

Dalmatian spaniel

Dalmatian mix with English spaniel is called Dalmatian spaniel. You can adopt this dog breed if you love both of the English Spaniel and Dalmatian.


Dalmatian mix with Corgi is a most beautiful medium size dog breed with attractive spots on entire body very popular among dog fanciers. If you are thinking about Dalcorgi puppies for adopting so they are very affectionate, best training achiever and excellence as a pet for your family. The averagely Dalcorgi price is starts from 900$ to 2000$. But remember it the Dalcorgi cost is also depends on bloodline and demand of puppy in your area.


As you know that with name Bodacion is a mix dog variety between Dalmatian and Border collie. They are inheritance a sheep and animal herding bloodline from Boder Collie and hunting and rescue quality from Dalmatian dog. They are also known as Guard dog among dog lovers. What is Bodacion price? The average cost of bodacion is starts from 600$ to 100$.


Dalmadoodle is a mix dog breed between a poodle and Dalmatian – medium size dog variety some time appear with trademark spots or without and with attractive curly coat. Dalmatian mix with doodle is an ideal hope for both of the dog lovers. Dalmadoodle cost average is 700$ to 2000$. Dalmadoodle price is also matter on area and quality of puppy.


What is Husky Dalmatian mix called? Answer is Dalusky! Long haired Dalmatian mixes with Siberian husky are medium size dogs’ breeds. Dalmatian husky mix price range is starts from 400$ to 800$ approximately.

Miniature long haired Dalmatian dog breed

Is there a thing as a miniature Dalmatian? Yes! Mini or miniature Dalmatian is a most favorite dream among dog fanciers that they always want to adopt miniature Dalmatians for their family. So you can find this mini type of long – haired Dalmatian from breeders in your nearest area. Some breeders asking almost 2000$ of miniature long hared Dalmatian puppies because they spend a lot of money and time to designed these types of exotic puppies. Definitely you can’t ignore mini long haired Dalmatian puppies because they look so attractive.  

Soft Dalmatian Dog Toy

Long haired Dalmatian AKC

As we mentioned above long haired LC quality is a hereditary passive attribute. Because of this reality, the long fur is right now still an exceptionally disputable subject among numerous Dalmatian devotees. The quality is available in a few bloodlines.

Nonetheless, they are as yet welcome to contend in any remaining AKC occasions. In the same way as other different Dalmatians, they show extraordinary capacity in convention, dock plunging, submission and nimbleness. so, how are you seeing about this fluffy Dalmatian dog. It is my desire to sometime see the coat deviation acknowledged by the AkC and DCA.

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