Amazing Hawaii Zebra Dove, Price & Baby Care

The most innocent and cute Zebra Dove is so popular among bird fanciers. They are also known with nick names like Barred dove or Barred ground dove etc. Zebra doves are small birds that have long tails, which are mostly brownish-grey with black and white barring. This species is renowned for its soothing, soft sounding, and staccato-cooing voice.

Zebra Dove

These small doves are slim with a narrow long tail and pinkish color below side, while above side brownish-grey and have bars of black and white. Zebra dove have white tips on the tail feathers – face is blue and grey with bare blue skin surrounding the eyes.

Where do zebra doves live?

Zebra doves are live in Philippine islands, indigenous in Borneo  and often native of different territories including Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesian island Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa etc.


Are zebra doves native to Hawaii?

They can be very attractive as a pet, and a number of species have been seen outside its natural habitat due to birds fleeing or being intentionally released. Zebra dove may be found in New Caledonia and Hawaii. Barred doves are serve feed in Seychelles and Hawaii’s restaurants and even houses of the people who take bites of crumbs and pieces of bread on tables in the sun.

What is Best Diet of Zebra Dove?

Zebra dove diet is in wild including weed Seeds, insects, small grass and different types of tiny invertebrates. Barred ground dove love to hunt on bare ground, grass, moving around in rodent-like movement as well as along roads etc.


What is life expectancy of Zebra Dove?

Zebra dove lifespan is long almost 8 to 12 years. These birds are often known as hard due to their survival capacity. Zebra doves are mating for life and rear their chicks quickly.

How much is zebra dove?

Zebra dove price begins from $800 to $3000 – depends on their quality like good cooing could fetch upwards of $50,000.  Zebra Dove cost in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia is so high and demandable.

Can Zebra Doves be pets?

Zebra doves are so fabulous and perfect choice as a pet duet to their sounds and vocal competitions to find the bird that has the highest voice. Zebra dove bird is most popular in different territories including Seychelles and Hawaiin.

What does the Zebra dove eat?

Zebra dove diet contains on different wild seeds of weeds, tiny insects and invertebrates as well as these types of dove birds attractive towards grass, bare grounded or roads etc. Read more about Zebra Dove Facts!

What do you feed a baby zebra dove?

If you want to hand feed to your little Zebra Dove baby so first of all prefer to be kept warm and clean until they have feathers. You should be control temperature with 95 degrees. Then, reduce it by one degree per day. We have posted a video what you should be given to dove chicks.

What can I feed a baby dove?

you can use one syringe and one bye cycle tube’s rubber wall – replace needle with rubber wall and fill it with soft food, which already been prepared by yourself like as hardboiled egg mixed with a bit of water or the dry chicken formula for baby foods market product etc. open the beak softly and drop 5cc food in their port twice in a day.

How to feed a newborn baby dove?

How to feed a baby zebra dove? So in video you can learn how to feed your zebra dove baby.

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