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Best Calcium for Budgies you should know

How many vitamins budgies need in a day?  Budgies, which are also called parakeets, need many different vitamins in their food to stay healthy.Here are the vitamins that budgies need on a daily basis: Vitamin A: Budgies need vitamin A for healthy eyesight, skin, and feathers. They can obtain vitamin …

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Best Calcium for Birds You Should Know Facts

calcium for birds

Why Calcium for birds so important?     Calcium is an essential nutrient for birds, as it plays a critical role in maintaining their bone health, eggshell formation, and overall bodily functions. Best Calcium for birds is particularly important for birds that are breeding or laying eggs, as they require high …

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Red Avadavat Finch Definitely You Fall in love

Introduction The Red Avadavat Finch, also known as the Strawberry Finch or Red Munia, is a small bird species that belongs to the family of Estrildidae. These birds are native to the Indian subcontinent and have been introduced to many other parts of the world, where they are often kept …

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Most Exotic Electus Parrot Price for sale

Blue Electus

Electus parrot price may be different in every country or city due to some factors including place, talkative and tame ability, breeder’s reputation and demand etc.   Electus parrot is so cute intelligent and charming big parrot for bird lovers. These parrots are so popular due to their color marking, …

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Amazing Hawaii Zebra Dove, Price & Baby Care

zebra dove image

The most innocent and cute Zebra Dove is so popular among bird fanciers. They are also known with nick names like Barred dove or Barred ground dove etc. Zebra doves are small birds that have long tails, which are mostly brownish-grey with black and white barring. This species is renowned …

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