British Shorthair Cat Price & Kittens Cost List

British shorthair cat price is very high as compared to other pedigree cat breeds. This most cute cat is considered one of the oldest cat verities. It is the most pedigreed cat breed in the country. This was registered by the UK’s Governing council of the Cat Fancy.  British Shorthair price is also depends on the cat’s quality like broad face, dense coat and stocky body etc. the popularity of this cat is having due to high intelligence, sociable temperament, easy in training, strong loyalty tendencies and high prey drive etc. a lot of breeders are charge high amount of British short hair pedigree kittens because they prefer to best cat bloodline.

British Shorthair cat price

British Shorthair kittens for sale price are different everywhere. Some of the cat fanciers are confuse about the British blue kittens and Grey Scottish fold – The British Blue variant can often be confused with the Grey Scottish Fold, a breed closely related to the British Shorthair. So British are distinguished by its pointed triangle ears, while the Fold has soft, folded ears.  We have mentioned below price of British Shorthair cat through a different territories or countries.

Why British Shorthair so expensive?

How expensive is a British Shorthair?

A breeder can be self-destructive as long as they charge more than a thousand pounds for British short hair. This is unfair however. British short hair breeders don’t just charge a inflated rate for highly-specialized and complex services. These cats are known for being low-maintenance and easy to care for.  Maintaining a cattery requires dedication that many of us don’t have.

British Shorthair cat is most popular in different countries like South Africa, Philippines, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Russia, UAE, Qatar, Thailand and Indonesia etc.

How much does a British Shorthair blue cat cost?

British Shorthair Blue cat price has been mentioned below through different countries and areas.

How much does a British Shorthair cat price in UK?

British shorthair cat price uk is depends on registered cat breeders – demanding 1100 to 2000 pounds of British Cat kitten while 250 to 700 pound in case of unregistered. You can search your local Google with the keyword of British shorthair kittens for sale in UK etc.

Are British Shorthairs rare in the US?

According to our team’s search some cat keepers began to work on the pedigree in 1871 and created the first breed standard. The first official cat shows in England featured British Shorthairs in the late 1800s.

Although the breed is quite rare in the United States it was recognized by the CFA in the month of May 1980. Later some cat breeders call the American Shorthair cat and kittens in society because they have breed in USA.

What is British shorthair cat price in Australia?

How much are British shorthair kittens in Australia?

The price range of British Shorthair kittens in Australia is $1200 to $2000 (Asking Registered Breeders) while local breeders asking $400 to $700. If you want to adopt so visit British shorthair rescue Australia. You can find reputable registered online in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth etc.

Which cat breed is best in India?

Actually there are lots of cats breeds which loved by Indian cat fanciers – we listed below like:

  1. British Shorthair cat
  2. Himalayan Cat
  3. American Shorthair Cats
  4. Mumbai Cats (Bombay Cats)
  5. Maine Coon Cats
  6. Persian Cats
  7. The American Bobtail Cats
  8. Spotted Cat
  9. Siamese Cat
  10.  Scottish fold Cats
  11.  Somali Cats
  12.  Devon Rex Cats
  13.  Munchkin Cats
  14.  Exotic cats
  15.  American Curl Cats
  16.  Singapore Cat  
  17.  Abyssinian Cats
  18. Oriental Shorthairs Cats

While if you want to discuss about British Shorthair Cat price in India so British Shorthair price in Delhi, Bangalore and other Indian cities almost similar according to the rate. British Shorthair kittens for sale price in India are start from Rs. 10000 to 20000. While British Shorthair price in Bangalore may be little bit of more but matters on quality and bloodline. But officially this cat variety has not gain popularity as compared to other Indian cats which has been listed above in the paragraph.

If you have interested to adopt British Shorthair in India so you should be know about the price and quality. European shorthair price in India makes confusion among cat fanciers because of lack of knowledge about exotic cats. Some cat breeders are worried about actual price of British Shorthair cat Bangalore so here we again write price is depends on cat’s health and fur quality. So you can find online all cat breeds price in India in your local area. So enjoy!

What is British shorthair cat price in Malaysia?

British Shorthair price Malaysia is another keyword for Malaysian cat fanciers. If you are thinking about British Shorthair for adoption in Malaysia so there are some British Shorthair kittens rate:

  1. British Shorthair Bicolor Cat Kitten   RM 7500
  2. British Shorthair Silver Cat Kitten     RM 7800
  3. Imported British Shorthair Silver Cat Kitten RM 7800
  4. Bsh British Shorthair kitten male RM 2300
  5. British Shorthair Male Kitten        RM 2600
  6. Bsh lilac male kitten British shorthair RM 1900
  7. NY24 Black Golden Tabby British Shorthair kitten RM 3500
  8. British Shorthair Golden NY12 Cat Kitten RM 8800
  9. Bentley British shorthair kitten bsh RM 6500
  10.  White bentley British shorthair kitten bsh RM 6000

American Shorthair Price in Malaysia is another keyword – has been searched by the cat fanciers. So British or American Shorthair price has been mentioned above you can estimate the average price of these different types of British shorthair cats. There are different keywords in Malaysian Language including british shorthair: harga, kucing British shorthair untuk dijual 2021, British shorthair untuk dijual Malaysia, British shorthair for sale Kuala Lumpur, and British shorthair for sale Selangor etc.

Which is the best color of British Shorthair?

What is the rarest color of British Shorthair?

English Shorthairs are great, quiet pets for kids and elders once they move past their little cat stage. British Shorthair felines are warm, keen and teachable and will bond intimately with their families – ordinarily coexist with respectful youngsters.

The best and first natural color of this cat is British Blue which very popular and known its ancient time body color. A Solid grey blue body shade, medium size tail and most attractive orange eyes make it perfect British Blue Cat. Mostly people demand British Blue kittens from feline breeders.

Do British Shorthair cats come in different colors?

British Shorthair cat comes in different unique colors – have various symbolisms meaning in some civilizations. There are many myths associated with different cat fur colors. A cat with gold fur could signify that it will bring you wealth. If that gold has gotten tarnished, you’re lucky. According to some, white cats attract happiness and positive energy. So guys British or American Shorthair cat a lot of color combination – some has been mentioned below:

  1. Red
  2. Fawn
  3. Tortoiseshell
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Tabby Tortoiseshell 
  6. Classic tabby
  7. Mackerel tabby
  8. Spotted tabby
  9. Smoke Tortoiseshell
  10. Shaded and Shell (chinchilla)
  11. Bi-color and tri-color variants
  12. Black
  13. Lilac
  14. White
  15. Chocolate
  16. Cream

British shorthair cat charges in Bangladesh

If you are finding American short hair price in Bangladesh, so please visit these top websites for adoption detail such as,, as well as etc.

You can simply typeBritish shorthair price near Dhaka or British longhair cat price in bd etc. the average cost of  quality British shorthair cat in Bangladesh is around 25000 taka. The price range may be up or down in future, so we recommend here please search in your local area.

What is British Short hair Rate in South Africa?

A lot of British shorthair breeders are rearing this cat in south Africa on different plate form such as, and etc. they are normally publish ads on these and some other website with the keyword of British shorthair kittens for sale in south Africa or British shorthair breeders in south Africa etc.

How much does a British Shorthair cat cost in Europe?

British shorthair cat price in Germany and other European countries are so valuable. It is also contingent on how good the cat. The majority of top-of-the-line cat breeds cost between $1,500 to $3,000. However, there are high-end pet cats for as little as upwards of $800. It’s all about their pedigree. The ones with the most champions in their bloodlines tend to be more costly.

Where can I buy a British Shorthair kitten?

First of all you should be search in your local area through Google – we sure that you can do better for your hobby. Secondly get opinion about shorthair cat breeders from your friends or relatives – may help if they know anyone breeder. Third we recommend British shorthair Rescue centers, these institutes may also provide full grown trained cat which is waiting for new shelter.

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