Kim So He, Selena Gomez an ALICE member, plans to leave the entertainment profession and wed a businessman who is fifteen years older.

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Kim So Heel, an ALICE member, is set to retire from the entertainment field and marry a businessman who is fifteen years older than her.

On April 26 KST, an exclusive media site said that Kim So Heel, a member of ALICE (formerly ELRIS), will marry a non-celebrity businessman this year who is fifteen years her senior.


After dating for a year, the two intend to get married next month. Soon, there will be a little ceremony with close friends and acquaintances as well.

Kim So Heel plans to leave the entertainment business after getting married, according to the media source. Next month marks the expiration of her exclusive deal with IOK Company, the label that is now managing ALICE. Kim So Heel has decided to resign from the entertainment industry rather than have her contract renewed.

It is confirmed by an IOK Company spokesperson that Kim So Heel intends to wed her boyfriend. Her exclusive deal will end next month as a result of her decision to retire from the entertainment profession.”

In the meantime, Kim So Heel made her ELRIS debut in 2017. After taking on new management in April 2022, the group changed their name to ALICE and went on to create albums like “Dance On” and “Show Down.”

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