Petco Jobs & Salaries Schedule Get Here

Today we are posting here Petco jobs salaries according to the website, all the payments can be change in future due to different factors like region, time and inflation etc.

WHAT DOES Petco pay hourly?

Now we are sharing hourly payment average of all positions according to the united State. The normal Petco pay ranges from around $15,000 every year for Stocker to $71,457 every year for Analyst. Normal Petco time-based compensation ranges from roughly $8.49 every hour for Sales Representative to $16.74 every hour for Warehouse Worker.

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Most Popular jobs

Dog Trainer                        $11.77 per hour

Pet Groomer                       $11.64 per hour

Salon Manager                   $42,376 per year

Guest service Agent           $14.88   per hour

Ware House Worker          $16.74   per hour

Salaries according to Veterinary


Animal Care Taker            $9.86 per hour

Pet Groomer                      $11.64 per hour

Veterinary Assistance       $ 12.54 per hour

Pet Bather                         $11.71 per hour 

Dog Trainer                      $11.77 per hour          

Petco salaries according to the Retail

Store Manager                 $53,046 per year

Merchendiser                  $14.1 per hour

Cashier                            $9.54 per hour

Merchandise Manager    $14.43 per hour

Loading and Stocking

Senior Warehouse Worker   $13.18 per hour

Stocker                                 $10.59 per hour

Warehouse Worker              $16.74 per hour

Packer                                  $10.63 per hour

Order Picker                        $13.03 per hour

Management Staff

Assistant Manager               $32,439 per year

Manager                               $12.69 per hour

General Manager                 $47,128 per year

Supervisor                           $11.79 per hour       

Customer Service

Guest service Agent                          $14.88 per hour

Customer Service Representative     $10.6 per hour

Can you work at Petco at 16 or 17?

No you can’t attend petco job until the age of 18 years, due to the company’s policy or rule.