Serena Williams notices similarities between Zendaya’s “Challengers” film and Roger Federer.

Tennis superstar Serena Williams saw Zendaya’s new film “Challengers” and couldn’t help but think about another legend, Roger Federer, and his marriage to wife Mirko.

Williams explores how the film faithfully captures the competitive tennis scene in her review for Vogue. She emphasized the relationship that existed between Zendaya’s character, Tashia, and the two significant men in her life: Josh O’Connor, who plays her adversary and previous flame, Art (Mike Foist), and Zendaya’s husband, Art.

“I also recognized Art. Williams wrote, “Many male tennis players actually rely on their wives and girlfriends.” “Just look at someone like Roger Federer: he used to actually hit with his wife, Miraka, and they were like glue.”

Williams also notes how well the movie depicts the loneliness that elite men’s tennis players frequently experience. She does, however, also confess her own prior “codependence” on Venus Williams when they were just starting out in their careers.

Williams acknowledges that even while she felt sympathy for a few of the movie’s male characters, she thought Tashi was a “mean” character. She was aware of the difficult decisions competitive athletes must make when looking for mates who can fully appreciate their distinct lifestyles, though.

Williams’s introspection is influenced by her own remarkable career. In2022, she gave up playing tennis professionally to spend more time with her family. Williams has now concentrated on new endeavors, such as her wellness line, Will Perform, and makeup business, Wyn Beauty.

Federer said as much when he announced his retirement, having retired himself recently owing to injury. He emphasized how important his wife Mirko and their four kids had been to him throughout his career.

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