*No One* Will Notice The NCIS Exit Is Coming: “Fresh Start”

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Fans of NCIS are concerned that the next season finale may signal the end of one special agent’s tenure on the program. Is NCIS losing Jessica Knight? To find out, continue reading.

*No One* Will Notice The NCIS Exit Is Coming: "Fresh Start"

*No One* Will Notice The long-running police procedural on CBS, NCIS, centers on the personal and professional lives of special agents assigned to the Major Case Response Team of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, which looks into criminal activities involving the US Navy, USMC, and their families. The show debuted in 2003 and is currently the third-longest running primetime drama in the United States. Due to its popularity, other spin-off series have been created, including the critically acclaimed NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: Hawaii, and NCIS: Sydney, which ran for 14 seasons.

During Season 18, fans were first introduced to Special Agent Jessica Knight. Knight, portrayed by Katrina Law, is the daughter of Feng Zhao, the Far East Field Office’s Special Agent in Charge. She is also the girlfriend of Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dretzin), the Chief Medical Examiner on NCIS; the two began dating in Season 20. It’s difficult to envision the show without Knight now that viewers have come to love her and Palmer together. The cast’s most recent interviews have raised rumors that Knight might not return for Season 22. Here is all we currently know about Jessica Knight’s on-screen future.

Is NCIS losing Jessica Knight? Although we are unsure, it is conceivable. In an interview with TV Insider, Rocky Carroll hinted that in the season finale, Knight will be given the chance of a lifetime by his character, NCIS Director Leon Vance.

She was interested in her dad’s job as Special Agent-in-Charge of the NCIS Far East Field Office, so it’s a legacy offer, he told the publication. “I believe Vance is aware that Agent Knight finds herself at a turning point in both her personal and professional life, and that she could benefit from a change of setting and environment.”

*No One* Will Notice Carroll went on, saying, “He understands that sometimes changing places helps you to clear your head.” Numerous personal matters are at play, including her connection with her father and Jimmy [Brian Diet Zen]. He might be considering that a new beginning would be ideal for her, in my opinion.

When Knight’s father paid them a visit earlier in the season, Palmer and Knight’s relationship hit a rough patch. Palmer discovered during the visit that Knight had kept their connection a secret from her father since it wasn’t a part of “The Plan,” which calls for Knight to advance through the ranks and take over as NCIS director. Knight was also informed by Russell Wong’s character Zhao that he is retiring and that her name has been added to the shortlist for his position. Palmer was concerned about this since he didn’t want to impede her work, but Knight reassured him that she is “happy right now” in her life, with him and her daughter Victoria.

*No One* Will Notice The NCIS Exit Is Coming: "Fresh Start"

*No One* Will Notice Fans are curious as to whether the “right now” will last now that the position is formally hers to take. Law stated in an interview with Us Weekly that while she supports Knight and Palmer, she is aware that they could not be the end all be it. “It does start to become a matter of did they act too quickly or angrily? Is now the appropriate time? Do they truly love each other, or are they just using each other as a crutch? Law stated on their partnership. “And will this be a bump in the road or a total dead end if it’s a real love story?”

She went on, “Brian Dretzin is an amazing acting partner, and we have so much fun working together,” in reference to the couple’s possible breakup. It is therefore devastating to consider that there won’t be as many scenes with him. “I want what’s best for each character individually in the long run,” the actress went on. And we’re still not sure what that is.

Fans speculated about Knight’s possible departure from the Major Case Response Team in a Reddit discussion. I really like Jess, ugh! One fan commented, “I don’t want to see her go. “I don’t think she’s going to be on the show forever, but I don’t think she and Jimmy will recover from that easily,” said another. “UGGH, I was really hoping at least one character on this show could have a healthy and happy relationship,” remarked a third viewer.

*No One* Will Notice The NCIS Exit Is Coming: "Fresh Start"

*No One* Will Notice At the conclusion, Knight will not only receive a new work offer, but she and Alden Parker (Grave Danger) will also be in danger. In the teaser, Parker gets hurt after a hefty metal pole falls on him as the two are solving a case. After that, the video shows Palmer and Wilson Valderrama’s Nick Torres yelling their names and looking for them. Knight is seen drifting lifelessly under water in the final shot.

“In a Deadline interview, Law hinted at some major, fundamental changes that are coming up.” One more thing Dretzin said: “A lot of characters should worry about.” He remarked, seemingly dropping hints about a divorce between Knight and Palmer: “There are a lot of things that are going to happen, not just the danger that our characters are put through, but dynamics that are going to be shifting.” Between Jimmy and Jess, who have been a wonderful pair for the past two years, possibly even. I must admit that this is my best script we’ve received for the finale in a long time. That is excellent.

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