Hamilton toddler who was not vaccinated passed away from measles.

Hamilton toddler , Ontario, saw the first measles death in over ten years, and the victim was an unvaccinated child.

Although it would not provide any other details, Hamilton’s public health agency verified on Friday afternoon that the youngster, who was under five years old, was from Hamilton.

“A small youngster that had their entire life ahead of them has departed us too soon in this incredibly awful situation. As of now in 2024, there have been six confirmed instances of measles in Hamilton, all of whom did not have a history of vaccination against the disease, according to Dr. Brendan Lew, Hamilton’s associate medical officer of health. “We will not be speaking to further details of this specific case in order to respect and protect the privacy of the child and their loved ones.”

Hamilton toddler who was not vaccinated passed away from measles.

Hamilton toddler The child’s place of origin was not specified in the Public Health Ontario report that originally revealed the measles fatality, which was released on Thursday.

As of May 15, “22 confirmed cases of measles were reported in Ontario,” according to the report.

Twelve of the 13 pediatric cases were found to have not had the extremely contagious and lethal virus vaccination, according to the FDA. The report states that the 14th child’s vaccination status is unknown.

In addition to the Hamilton youngster who passed away from the infection, five other children were admitted to the hospital.

Hamilton toddler The child’s mode of virus transmission is not disclosed by the public health department of Hamilton or the report.

According to Hamilton public health, out of the 22 cases this year, six involved unvaccinated residents; the Public Health Ontario report states that 15 of the cases were related to travel. The remaining two instances are classified as having a “unknown” origin, whereas the other five were the consequence of intimate contact with an infected individual.

Hamilton toddler who was not vaccinated passed away from measles.

Hamilton toddler The Toronto Star was informed by Shelly Ballotin, director of the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the Della Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, that she is unsure of the date of the last measles death in Canada.

She stated that measles was eradicated in the nation in 1998. Most likely, more than 25 years have passed since the last measles death in this nation was officially reported.

Data from before 2013 are not included in the Public Health Ontario report that was released on Thursday.

The Hospital for Sick Children’s pediatric infectious diseases specialist, Dr. Shaun Morris, stated that kids under five “are at greatest risk for infection and for severe outcomes.”

Hamilton toddler According to him, a “significant proportion” of measles-affected kids will experience side effects, “like pneumonia, diarrhea, or other secondary bacterial infections.” Approximately 20% of cases of measles will typically require hospital care.

A major decline in vaccination rates occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Western world.

Aside from the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine, regular school-age immunization campaigns were shelved as public health resources were redirected to fight COVID-19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in December that instances of measles in Europe had increased thirtyfold. The MMR vaccination rate fell below the critical level in areas like Hamilton, which prevented the virus from spreading throughout the community.

Hamilton toddler who was not vaccinated passed away from measles.

Hamilton toddler In response to data indicating that over 33% of school-age children lacked current immunization records, Hamilton’s public health department initiated a fresh campaign in February to boost childhood vaccination rates in the area. Parents risked having their children suspended from school if they didn’t update such records by the first week of March.

Following a hack on City of Hamilton computer systems on February 25, which prevented the public health department from accessing its vaccination record database, that push was put on hold on March 1. Public health did not immediately provide an update on the vaccination program’s status on Friday.

Hamilton toddler “We urge all residents of Hamilton to check their vaccination history to ensure they have received all recommended immunizations, including the MMR vaccine, and speak with their healthcare provider if they have any questions,” stated Lew in an email statement.

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