Cane Corso Rottweiler mix dog, Rotteicorso Facts

Rottweiler mix with Cane Corso is a hybrid-carrying a two guard dogs’ (Rottweiler and Cane Corso) genes. This breed is also known with Rotticorso cross breed. As you know both of the parents have gained too much popularity from last few years. Cane Corso Rottweiler mix dogs are trending recently among dog lovers and breeders. There are lots of reasons why they are demanding pus. so let’s go talk about their parents’ features.

Cane Corso dog breed (parent)

The Cane Corso dog breed is associated from Italy, and This Word derived from Italian language while Corso from Latin dictionary. These dogs have specially designed for protection, tracking in police departments and dog lovers. In ancient times these dogs have reared as a guard or family protector.

Cane Corso dogs are suitable who want to attempt as a pet to his home. They can easily learn even children can train them. 

Rottweiler Dog (parent) Info

Rottweiler dog is a most eye catching and demand full dog over the world. They are known as best guard and family protection dogs. They are very calm, courageous and most intelligent dogs. As you know that these most attractive and aggressive dog also use in Hollywood movies. They are also adopting by police and military force to utilize their natural protection and tracking qualities. They use them to crime control and other emergency situations.

The origin of these pups is Germany but they have been offered by the Romanians. They can easily train due to their submissive and loyalty. They are best home defense dog also carrying genes of herding dogs. So it depends on you that how you can train them?

Cane Corso Rottweiler mix breed       

Rottweiler mix with Cane Corso is most strong bloodline and can gain beggar size as compared to Rottweiler and Cane Corso dog. They are suitable as a Guard and family companion for you. Some dog lovers want to hire Rottweiler and Cane Corso dogs so this one is perfect their hobby.

Your doggy will be hereditarily prepared to watch and ensure you and your family. This is a characteristic impulse fashioned by hundreds of years of rearing of the two parent breeds. Rotticorso will defense you both on your own an area just as outside of it. They will endeavor to shield you both from different pooches just as from individuals that may assault you or your family.

Cane Corso Rottweiler mix Lifespan

They can survive almost 16 years with their owner. Dog lovers are consider that this hybrid’ lifespan higher as compared to their parents. Some of the best guideline which can help health and life average of your dog.

You should be all health tests and treatment properly and get opinion from your vet.  So there are some factors can help in improving life and health such as teeth cleaning daily at home, DNA testing, diet plan, toys for chewing (to avoid from bad activities like chewing home furniture or shoes etc. ) and bath them with schedule.


Rotticorso ears changing on their parent canine hereditary impact however they are normally three-sided fit as a fiddle and eyes are a profound golden or earthy colored, and frequently have a dark line which gives them an expressive face.

Cane Corso mix Rottweiler has black nose and a profound chest with a strong neck- ears tumbled over at the top.

Rotticorso Health Issues and Care

This dog is also suffered in common diseases as other dog breeds. Rotticorso are qualified to contact entropic, demodectic mange, canine hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and gastric enlargement volvulus (GDV) or swell, this are the significant worries for Rotticrso. Hip dysplasia additionally prompts joint problem which is irreversible. They are additionally inclined to have elbow dysplasia and cherry eye.

Early identification can prevent the condition from deteriorating. Take them for check up and play out their clinical trial. It is important to take Cane Corso Rottei mix for an infrequent tests, this test incorporates; x-beams, blood tests and investigation, actual assessment by the veterinarian, skin scrapings and biopsies.

Are Rottweiler mix with Can Corso require Exercise?

As you know that both of the parents, of this breed are require daily routine exercise or related activity. Rottweiler mix Cane Corso is also requiring some activity such as game playing, walk or exercise to physical and mental stimulation. So you should be given time little bit of from your life.

Are Rottweiler mix with Can Corso grooming need?

They have low maintenance coat because of their parents (low shedder) -easy to groom for you.  Likewise purchase a vacuum to keep your floors clean. Shower them at due time.

It requires small preparing – a Rotticorso is a hefty shredder probably, brushing the body we regular are sufficient to keep the coats and skin solid.

How we can train Rottweiler Cane Corso Mix Breed?

Training is a massive part between you and your puppy. This breed very energetic and intelligent- are difficult to prepare except if you are certain and have experience preparing pets. This breed won’t comply with just anybody holding their chain. They need to confide in you and regard you to need to obey you. This is the reason this isn’t the best canine variety for police work or salvage work.

Control their bad behavior by basic training tricks. You should be socialized to your dog with people and other pets. Socialization is also play vital role for your dog’s behavior. They calm and discourage aggression.

Rottweiler Training Tips as a Guard or Family Protection,

What is Feeding and diet plan Rottweiler Cane Corso Mix?

Some breeders consider glucosamine and chondroitin supplement with fish oil is best diet for this doggy. Don’t give over food to your pet because this cause of obesity and hip and elbow dysplasia.  This lessens the measure of food it will have per dinner, this likewise set aside cash.

You can get suggestion from your veterinarian more about food options.

Cane Corso Rottweiler mix puppy

What is price of Rottweiler cane Corso mix dog?

It is very difficult to confirm exact price of this buddy. Rottweiler mix Cane Corso puppy’s price normally asked by breeders around $1000.  But there are some other factors which can impact on price like demand area and bloodline etc.


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