These five plants can deter insects.

These five plants It’s crucial to think about those annoying mosquitoes and how to keep them away from you as summer approaches.

In addition to being an annoyance, the undesired insects may harbor illnesses. In fact, the first lethal virus of 2023 to be spread by mosquitoes was recently discovered in Michigan.

The best defense against mosquitoes, according to experts, is to use a repellent, especially one that contains ingredients like DEET, picaridin, or IR3535. Water should not be allowed to accumulate too much close to residential areas.

These five plants can deter insects.

These five plants If repellent sprays don’t appeal to you, plants can be a better fit for your needs.

Certain plants have natural insect repellent qualities and fragrances that can help keep summertime mosquitoes at bay. Here are a handful of them.

Lavender is an odor that mosquitoes detest. Linalool, an oil found in these aromatic plants, helps ward off insects like mosquitoes.

It also doesn’t hurt that lavender has a lovely scent and appearance to it.

Although it might seem apparent, citronella plants are an excellent way to ward off mosquitoes, as seen by the widespread usage of candles with a citronella aroma.

The perfume of citronella plants is citrus and strong enough to mask human odors.

These five plants According to experts, citronella candles alone aren’t strong enough to repel mosquitoes. The candles had “some effect,” but entomologist Mark VanderWerp of Rose Pest Solutions says that in order to provide deck-wide mosquito protection, one would need to ignite a “small fire of citronella candles.”

These five plants Although citronella plants aren’t able to grow in all climates, related plants like lemongrass and lemon verbena can also be employed. If you do decide to purchase citronella plants, use caution when making your purchase because some plants marketed as such really have a similar aroma but lack the potent compounds.

Citronella plants’ fragrance and oils have the ability to ward off other insects, such as ticks.

An additional advantage of the vivid, lovely marigold blossoms is that they naturally repel mosquitoes.

Since mosquitoes avoid places near marigolds, experts advise planting them near gateways and areas where you spend time.

These five plants can deter insects.

These five plants Not only is catnip excellent for cats, but it also includes a chemical that may be just as effective as or perhaps superior to DEET.

By making it difficult for insects to detect humans, a chemical molecule called DEET is used to repel insects like mosquitoes. Similar to citronella plants, catnip plants also contain a chemical that can help hide human fragrance.

Growing catnip is rather simple; it can be grown in any kind of soil, in full sun or partial shade.

Menthol is a strong-smelling chemical component found in mint. Its potent scent works as a natural, non-toxic deterrent for insects, including mosquitoes.

These five plants Other plants, like basil and rosemary, that you might not immediately associate with being wonderful kitchen additions, may also serve as insect repellents.

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