Blue Boston Terrier On a Budget: Amazing Tips to adopt puppy

Blue Boston terrier is a small eye catching and most cute American native dog breeds. In fact, they are dilute version of traditional black Boston terrier just because of chromosome pool. Normally instead of black coat they appear in blue, silver and grey etc.

They also appear in common colors including seal and white, brindle, black and white etc.  Because the American Kennel Club has specific requirements regarding the color, the colors have been the subject of much debate among dog fanciers – AKC would not allow any brindle, seal or black Boston puppies to join naturally. AKC has been recognized five Boston colors including seal brindle and white, black and white, black brindle and white, brindle and white, seal and white etc.

blue boston terrier

Blue brindle Boston terrier

Boston terrier eye color is normally come with brown but some time puppies may have one or two blue eyes because of the genetic abnormality. According to the science the vision of dogs with one colored eyes is usually unaffected. This problem could also a chance the risk of deafness.

Is blue boston terrier perfect for family as a pet?

Boston terrier dogs are an ideal as a pet and make great family companions. This attractive type of dog breed is a great buddy for children and other pets.

Everyone is entertained and happy by their wit and amusing behavior. The Boston terrier, just as much as the children would love it, also loves the children and plays a lot with them. So if you are going to buy this little dog breed so welcome to your from our team.

Grey and White Boston terrier

How much cost of Blue Boston terrier?

Blue Boston terrier price is starts from $500 to $1200 approximately. A high-quality Boston Blue Terrier is more likely to be purchased if the price is higher. You have another option is not to buy a purebred in cheap price, so try to find in your local areas online.

You can also find Boston terrier with blue eyes for sale in your nearest areas.

Full grown lilac Boston terrier

What is lifespan of blue boston terrier?

The Average life expectancy Boston terrier’s around 12 to 14 years. Blue nose Boston terrier may be survive more in captivity with proper diet and exercise requirements.

Blue Boston terrier weight by age column

Boston terrier size is normally around 17 inches of male and 15 to 16 inches of female. We have mentioned Boston dog’s weight chart below:

Puppy agePuppy weight
Newborn0.22 kg
1 month puppy1.15 kg
2 month puppy2kg
3 month puppy3kg
4 month pyppy4kg
5 month puppy5.50kg
6 month puppy6.50kg
7 month puppy7.30 kg
8 month puppy9kg
9 month puppy9.50kg
10 month puppy9.75kg
11 month puppy10kg
12 month puppy10.50kg


Are Blue Boston healthy dogs?

All blue Boston terriers might be suffer in viral and bacterial problems such as rabies, distemper and Provo etc. these conditions are almost common in these dogs due to its distinctive color. You should be control this types of health issues by proper test and medicine. We have posted below some common heath issues in Blue Boston Terrier puppies such as:

  • Obesity problems in Boston
  • Orthopedic problem
  • Breathing problem
  • Eye problems
  • Skin problems
  • Hearing dysfunction
  • Blue Doberman Syndrome (due to coat color)
  • Color Dilution Alopecia (due to coat color)

Blue Fawn Boston terrier

Is Blue Boston pure breed?

Are blue boston terriers rare? Actually my dear viewers some of the blue boston puppies are pure bloodline but mostly they are not pure breed because they mostly appear blue due to its mix breeding.  

How much exercises require Boston terrier?

Blue Boston terrier exercise needs are around 1 to 2 hours every day. They are so attentive and high energy small dogs. You can give them proper walk and training more 2 hours but carefully and look them the signs of exhaustion.

Are you worried that can Blue Boston buddies be left alone at home? You should not leave more than 12 hours to your innocent Boston blue puppies at home as well as make sure that they have entertainment, water, and a comfortable place to go.

Lilac fawn boston terrier

Blue Boston terrier Names list

We have offered here some most popular and attractive blue boston terrier names list you should know:

Blue Boston Male Names

  1. Glacier
  2. Bruno
  3. Ash
  4. Louie
  5. Buster
  6. Jack
  7. Sky
  8. Charlie
  9. Winston
  10. Milo
  11. Oliver

Blue Boston female dog names

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Daisy
  4. Lily
  5. Roxy
  6. Penny
  7. Lucy
  8. Lola
  9. Stella
  10. Zoe

Full Grown Blue Boston terrier


How often should you bathe a Boston terrier? 

How often do bathe Boston terrier? every Boston require bath and grooming at least one a week but not more than once every six weeks depending upon his fur quality. You should be careful about what frequency is right for your terrier Boston. A bath may be necessary if your dog starts to feel itchy or has a bad smell.

At what age do Boston terriers stop growing?

When is a Boston terrier full grown? Terriers buddies are reach the end of their growth stage and enter adolescence at the age 1.5 years. boston terrier blue may stop growing between 12 and 14 months depending on their individual needs.

Blue Boston terrier with blue eyes

Are blue eyed Boston terriers deaf?

It is considered that one blue eye Boston terrier puppy might be suffer in deafness problem. Normal vision is common in these dogs which born with one blue eye. These types of dogs have a gene responsible for the blue eye could also be linked to deafness issue.

Are Blue boston terriers born without a tail?

Why do Boston terriers have no tail? Blue terrier Boston puppies have naturally short tails because of a mutation in their gene. Blue Boston dogs don’t have long tails and may not be able to wave their tails when they are excited. They are also popular due to its different tail types.

Blue Boston terrier puppies can be born with different types of tails such as bobbed tail, straight tail, crooked tail and Gay tail as well as Curled or Corkscrew Tails etc.

As we look at the different types of tails that this rare breed produces, images the Boston Terriers. The hock is found on the back of your Boston terrier, just below the knee – Ideally, the tail should not extend more than one-quarter of its setting, to reach the hock.

Blue boston terrier puppy

AKC has described the Hock position to be the combination of bones from the hind leg that form the joint between the second and third thigh, which is the true heel of the dog.

Is blue buffalo good for boston terriers?

Actually guys I want to clear here that Blue Buffalo is a controversial brand of pet food from last few years. This blue boston terrier diet is so popular among dog fans. A lot of criticism record since 2014; I think your vet will not likely recommend you change to this dry product if your dog is already eating Blue Buffalo food.

Blue Buffalo claims that all of its food and treats are produced in the United States. Two manufacturing plants are located in Joplin, MO and one in Richmond. IN. It also collaborates with partner factories throughout the US.

Blue Buffalo works with suppliers around the world when it comes to ingredients. Blue Buffalo claims that it double-checks all ingredients before they are used in manufacturing.

Blue Buffalo is a trusted brand with many happy customers. However, Blue Buffalo products are known for giving dogs’ diarrhea and other GI problems. So here we are recommending that you should always get opinion from a best veterinarian in the giving first time your puppy.

Find a blue Boston terrier puppies for sale near me

You can expect to buy a Boston terrier puppy price in UK from $1200 to $3000. If you are going to purchase terrier puppy from AKC registered breeder so might be he will charge more. You should be in mind that you will also buy all other accessories which puppy require such as bowls, toys, and collar as well as bed etc.

You have an option to find Blue Boston terrier puppies for sale near me in uk. After typing this keyword in Google you’ll be find a lot of breeders in your nearest areas. The most reputable online website is to finding your choice.

Tan Boston terrier

My one friend has found a most cute lovely companion by typing online keyword”blue Boston terrier puppies for sale UK”.

Where is UK Boston terrier Rescue center?

A lot of Boston lovers like to breed and keeping it with carefully. But there are still Boston Terriers all over the UK who don’t get the treatment they deserve. They are beautiful, happy Boston Terriers without a comfortable bed at night or someone to give them the best.

So we recommend to you that you should be check ukbostonterrierrescue. They have been registered charity, number: 1163435. The Kennel Club recognizes them as a rescue for breeds.

A lot of dog fans are unable to keep their puppies due to various reasons. Crufts and Discover Dogs are now open to there. They are run by the Kennel Club, which is a specific breed charity. It has been amazing. Many of their supporters and the public visit us to learn more about the rescue and breed.

Boston terrier blue and white

Search a Blue Boston terrier breeders in USA

As we mentioned above you can find blue Boston terrier reputable breeders in Texas, Michigan, Florida, and Georgia, as well as Illinois etc. jus type an online blue Boston terrier puppies for sale in Indiana or California etc.

Some most popular breeders are also offering teacup blue Boston terrier for sale in Louisiana and Wisconsin etc. these small and most eye catching puppies are give you a little bit of gladness impressions.

Blue Boston terrier breeders are often breeding some most attractive blue white Boston terrier puppies and charging more cost as normal color.

Where ever you live, you can find Boston terrier blue merle for sale in Italy. A most reputable online website ( in Italy is often offering pictures of blue boston terrier for sale.

Merle Boston terrier

Lilac Boston terriers for sale under $300

Boston terrier puppies for sale under $500 near me

Boston terrier puppies for sale under $200

Boston terrier blue merle for sale in Canada

Guys! You can also find Boston terrier grey and white puppy for sale in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. A lot of dog breeders are asking in New Brunswick more cost according to average price of Boston puppies.

A unique process has been offered by trusty online website for Canadian citizens. People from all around the globe are flocking to the Canada’s Guide to Dogs website for detailed information on dogs.

It provides a short description and profile of the breed, details about health issues specific to the breed, and information about grooming, training, and other pertinent information. The breed sections also include listings and advertisements for breeders, links to international breed clubs and rescue institute.

You have another option to adopt a blue fawn boston terrier puppies from . For more detail you can contact them without any hesitation.

Some dog lovers are like to hire puppy from online such as Silver blue Boston terrier for sale on craigslist.

These attentive puppies are often for sale in Poland and Australia.

So we hope that you’ve gain lot knowledge about blue boston terrier puppies.

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