Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog Pure breed Puppies

Australian stumpy tail cattle dog

An Australian most popular medium size and tailless dog breed which is also know with different nick names such as Stumpy, Stumpy tail, ACD and Heeler etc. the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is less fatty, tailless, and more ready with regards to outsiders and new circumstances.

The origin of this breed is Australia-has designed by the dog lovers by crossing of old domestic Australian Dingo and other European herding dogs. They have developed this dog both of the services domestic and working line.

Some people think it’s an Australian docked tail dog breed but it is proper standard Stumpy tail cattle dog breed. Here we clear you some Stumpies born with “long tail puppies”-later they breed stumpy pups due to their parents’ inheritance.


This Australian Stumpy Tail cattle hybrid dog has different temperament features like comical, alert and easy to train. They have strong bloodline and carrying genes with qualities-intelligent, devoted, loyal and courage etc.

Australian Stumpy tail herding dog normally achieve 18 to 20 inches in height males while 16 to 19 inches in females.

The males can gain 38 to 45 pounds in weight and 32 to 35 pounds females.


A lot of Australian cattle dog lovers say about the breed as hardworking and wildly faithful. This dog is flourishes when satisfying their owner.

Generally, present day Australian Stumpy Cattle Dogs are not crowding and dealing with ranches. This implies that the normal Stumpy has a great deal of energy and mental endurance, and they need a thorough measure of physical and mental action to keep them fit and from dunking into fatigue initiated damaging propensities.

They really best in conditions where they have a lot of open space to go around, so even the most dynamic of metropolitan or apartment dwellers may wind up with an insubordinate Stumpy.

While the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is a devoted variety, they are not commonly excessively tender pooches. The Stumpy may appreciate snoozing in the lounge while you sit in front of the TV, yet they are not the sort to bounce on your lap or hop up to give you kisses.

All things being equal, the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog shows they care with their sharpness and carefulness towards outsiders. The variety isn’t inclined to hostility, yet they won’t stop for a second to shield you in the event that they sense a danger. Early and reliable socialization can help keep your Stumpy from getting excessively defensive.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog History

We have already discuss about the origin of this cutest dog breed that the main pooches were a blend of Smithfield, an English grouping canine, and an indigenous Australian Dingo. Later the variety alluded to as Hall’s Heelers or Timmins Biters, contingent upon who is given acknowledgment for creating it—was hailed as an important working canine with unbelievable endurance.

Breeders or Farmers felt the canines were excessively serious with the stock, so another variety was added to improve their temperaments. Intersection the canines with a smooth-haired blue merle Collie prompted the formation of the current Australian Stumpy Tail herding breed.

Later since 1890 these two long tail and stumpy tail dog breed offered in local shows in equivalent positions.

Be that as it may, after some time, the quantity of Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs declined.A solitary raiser stayed during the 1960s, and after twenty years, the variety was close to termination.

Later the “Australian National Kennel Council” dispatched a redevelopment exertion to reestablish their numbers and effectively revived the variety.

How long do stumpy tail cattle dogs live?

These pups can live almost same as other dog breeds-12 to 16 years. They have a lot of stamina as compared to other home pet dogs-boost their lifespan little bit of due to power of stamina.

Colors & Coat

  • Blue And Balck
  • Red sparkle
  • Blue

They are double coated with short, thick, delicate undercoats and short, straight, thick external coats with an unforgiving surface. The coat is longer and thicker around their necks, shaping a mellow ruff, and more limited on their head, feet and legs.

The variety has two tones: blue and red dot.  Stumpy Tail Cattle breed with blue shading should be blue or blue mottled. There might be dark markings on their heads or bodies.

If we talk about “Red spotted stumpy” ought to have an even red dot everywhere on their bodies, including the undercoat with or without dim red markings on their heads. Some have red patches on the body.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog Food

Give better quality food that is fitting for life stage and consider a food formulated for dynamic varieties.

Despite the fact that these exceptionally dynamic canines are not known for being overweight, it’s as yet a smart thought to divide out their food with an estimating cup and limit treats to close to 10% of their every day calories to abstain from overloading.

You can give anyone of the dry food from stores after vet permission or suggestion.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog Facts

  • This Australian stumpy tail breed have common colors (Blue, red and tan) combined with merle and little bit of spots designs.
  • This variety of dog can be good choice as a pet if have an old kids and adolescents in home.
  • These dogs are dependable variety; they do not ordinarily excessively love pets. They might not have any desire to snuggle, yet they show their adoration by being extremely defensive of their people.
  • They have a lot of stamina and mental energy and they need a thorough measure of physical and mental action to keep them fit and required a yard or ground area so they are not right option to adopt for little homes without yards etc.
  • This breed’s coat sheds, which doesn’t settle on them an extraordinary decision for hypersensitivity victims.

What is the difference between Blue Heeler and Australian cattle dog?

These two common origin and same stamina dog breeds looks like same as each other. First of all big difference is tail, yes! Australian Cattle dog or Blue Heeler has a long tail while Australian Stumpy cattle dog have natural bob-tail.

The stumpy tail dog variety have molded head, square little bit of back and lighter body-long legs in order to permit the separation from the elbow to ground to be the greater part that from the shrivels to ground similarly as “Dingo dog”.

A stumpy tail canine’s ears have set on head’s top as compared to Australian Cattle Dog-and are wide separated. Likewise, Stumpy canines can’t have tan focuses.

One will discover fluctuating feelings on the reasonableness of a Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dog as an overall homestead canine. A few sources like to advise us that in the variety’s set of experiences came some crossbreeding wild dingoes which are known to rummage like a wolf. This can prompt issues when the canine is around more modest creatures, for example, chickens, ducks, felines or sheep.

Others disprove this and guarantee that all canines require being prepared. There is little contradiction that this is an intense variety, yet a radiant one when in the correct circumstance.

An intriguing understanding into the variety’s appearance in the United States comes through American fighters who’d been in the Pacific during World War II and stayed for a while in Australia for “R and R” on their way home.

When home, these men immediately understood that their domesticated animals had gotten very wild. A couple of the previous officers who’d seen “blue and red heelers” working stock in the outback accepted they would be a resource on their farms and imported a couple of heelers for themselves.

The main gatherings of imported canines included both “Short Tails” and “Australian Cattle Dogs” in light of the fact that in Australia, the two varieties were regularly just alluded to as heelers, and intelligently, that is the thing that the Australians sent over. There was no library for one or the other variety in the US at that point, and eventually, the Americans simply needed intense working canines to control their cattle.

Do Australian cattle dogs make good pets?

Yes! This breed has been design especially to animal stock controlling and herding.

Australian Stumpy dog has protective and attentive features but today everyone wants to buy as a pet at home. If you are interested so adopt a puppy from kennel club’s to preparing fundamentally.

Breed Registered in Kennel Club

Australian Kennel Club hasregistered in “working do group” since 1988 in Australia.

Later New Zeeland Kennel Club has listed standard breed.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale listed as working cattle dog since 2005.

The United Kennel Club has recognized as the Stumpy Tail Cattle dog since 2010.

This mix cattle breed may likewise be recorded by small kennel clubs, herding cattle clubs or working and internet-based pet registry organizations.

Stumpy Heeler dog’s Health & Care

These dogs can be harm by different common diseases same as other Australian cattle dogs-Such as Deafness, Hip Dysplasia and Collie Eye Anomaly etc. We suggest you vaccinate your dog time to time or get opinion from the veterinarian or breeder.

Exercise and training is another way to keep healthy your every breed. They require minimum one hour of daily routine exercise or walk if you adopt this breed at home or flats while on the other side farmers can train widely with cattle.

Keep in mind trim nails weekly, they ought not to be clicking against the floor. Your custodian can assist with this.

This Australian Cattle dog breed is also can suffer in Juvenile Cataracts- A cataract refers to opacity of the lens so that it blocks the passage of light to the retina.

Avoid from oral diseases which cause stomach’s problems, brush regularly your dog’s teeth.

How to train Australian Stumpy tail Cattle Puppies?

Australian Stumpy Cattle Dog Puppies Pictures

They always attract to learn new things in everyday of life so please continue preparing exercises short and fun. You should be utilizing uplifting feedback and prize based commands. Socialization is fundamental to temper their regional senses.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog Rescue

It is very difficult to find “Australian Stumpy tail dog” rescue centers. So please search your local area for more information. You can find all dog rescue services in emergency.

  • Angels Among Us Pet Rescue
  • Wright-Way Rescue

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog adoption

My dear viewers! First of all you should be knowledge about Price, Quality and trainability. Contact in your area’s breeders, shelters and online dog shops.

How much do Australian Stumpy Tail cattle dog puppies cost?

Hay guys! If you are finding accurate price so very hard to you because every pet’s price change due to area and demand of the breeds. Now, we will mention approximately average price of Australian Stumpy Cattle Dog price.

Stumpy Tail Pure Pup’s Average price = $400 – $600 USD

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