“Australian Shepherd/Aussie” Dog Types you should know

“Aussie” History

The medium size of dog breeds is very loyal, intelligent, hardworking and extremely agile. They are known as the cowboy herding dog. Some people expect that this breed was imported with cattle from Australia but there is no truth about it. In spite of its name, the Australian Shepherd isn’t Australian in any way, yet was grown no doubt in the Pyrenees Mountains among Spain and France, and refined in the U.S. to fill in as a crowding hound on farms.

This breed’s nick name is “Aussie” and looks same as the Border collie and English shepherd dog breeds. Some of the American dog kennel breeders developed and trained this breed as disaster dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs and detecting dogs for competitive events. They come on the 17th number among very popular breed in United States. Australian shepherd can live 12 to 15 years approximately.

Color / Shedding

You can see this breed in different colors such as blue merle, red merle, and Solid black and solid red. The wide assortment of shading blends originates from the connection between the shading allele, which is either dark predominant or red latent, and the prevailing merle allele. Together, these give four coat-shading perspectives that can show up in any mix.

Types of Australian Shepherd dogs

There is only single breed of Aussie but some breeders breeding this breed with crossing different other breeds. While some people divide into two different categories.

Conformation Aussie dogWorking Aussie dog
They are come in the appearance as Bernese Mountain Dog such as Heavy-boned, heavy-coats, loose jowls, low ears, and big heads.        while in the working-type Australian dog will in general look English Border Collie-like, with conflicting looks, narrow faces, high ears, lighter bone (thin), and lighter coats.

All Colors of Australian Shepherd dogs

  • Black Aussie
  • Red Merle
  • Black Tri-color
  • Red
  • Blue Merle
  • Merle
  • Red Tri-color

How many Australian Shepherd Mix breeds?

Australina Shepherd x    Poodle                         = Aussie Doodle

Australian Shepherd x   Golden Retriever         = Australian Retriever

Australian Shepherd x   Labrador                      = Aussiedor

Australian Shepherd x   Cavalier King Charles spaniel= Aussalier

Are Aussies Good for Kids?

Since they are grouping hounds, it isn’t phenomenal to see Australian Shepherds attempt to herd little kids when playing. Be that as it may, the intuition to nip at the impact points of individuals so as to corral them can be stopped with chomp hindrance preparing and by diverting their impulses towards games or toys.

Similarly as with any variety, it is suggested that your youngster is constantly regulated while interfacing with your Australian Shepherd to protect both the kid and canine.

What diseases can attack on Australian Shepherd dogs?

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye infection(distichiasis, cataracts, and epiphora)
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy

How much Cost of Australian Shepherd?

There are a lot of price start from 100$ to 10,000$. It depends on the breeders’ dog quality and strong bloodline. Normally breeders are asking around 300$ of Australian shepherd dog.

Are we can easily train to Australian Shepherd?

Yes! They are very intelligent, athletic and followers, so we can easily trained them.

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