IZEA Presents Astra Generative Picture Model in Formia

Improved Performance in Multi-Subject Prompts by New Model

IZEA Presents Astra Generative ORLANDO, Fla., May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – IZEA Around the world, Inc. (NASDAQ: Astra, the most recent generative image model included in Formia, IZEA’s suite of artificial intelligence tools designed specifically for influencer marketing, was made available today.

IZEA Presents Astra Generative Picture Model in Formia

IZEA is the leading provider of technology, data, and services for the Creator Economy. Formia users can get free access to a wide range of AI capabilities that use the best of Open-air, Stable Diffusion, and other technologies. They can also upgrade to get more features and content volume.

Astra has improved spelling abilities and the capability to generate text of a higher quality within an AI image, thereby reducing generation errors. It can likewise more unequivocally produce pictures from multi-subject prompts, permitting clients to all the more effectively catch various ideas in a solitary picture.

IZEA CEO and founder Ted Murphy stated, “Astra excels at text generation combined with photo-style images, which have been in high demand since we launched the platform last year.” On a T-shirt, shoe, or billboard, for instance, more realistic text can now be generated. It has a faster response time and a better understanding of the goals of the end user, combining some of the best features of the other generative AI models in our system. Users are benefiting from improvements in content quality, in addition to greater efficiency and versatility in the process of creating content, as we continue to add support for additional generative AI models and technologies.

Visit izea.com/aid to get started with Formia for free. Visit x.com/idea to follow IZEA for resources and news.

About IZEA Around the world, Inc.

IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (hereinafter “IZEA”) is a marketing technology company that offers software as well as professional services that make it possible for businesses to work with a wide range of today’s most prominent social influencers and content creators and collaborate with them. By enabling individuals to monetize their content, creativity, and influence, the company promotes the expanding Creator Economy.

IZEA Presents Astra Generative Picture Model in Formia

In 2006, IZEA launched the first-ever influencer marketing platform in the industry. Since then, it has facilitated nearly 4 million online sales and purchases. IZEA works with leading brands and agencies to increase digital engagement, broaden the voice of the brand, scale content production, and generate a measurable return on investment.

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