How Many Types of Doves? White Dove Bird

Do you know all types of doves? Our God has been created a lot of cute Doves in this universe. These innocent birds look like same as pigeon but they are little bit of small in size as compared to pigeon. So we have been offered here, a list of some most eye-catching dove type birds.

  1. Streptopelia Dove
  2. Zebra Dove
  3. Mourning Dove
  4. Eurasian Collared Dove
  5. European Turtle Dove
  6. Spotted Dove
  7. Diamond Dove
  8. Laughing Dove
  9. Leptotila
  10. Columbinae
  11. Common Emerald Dove
  12. Fruit Dove
  13. Mariana Fruit Dove
  14. Ruddy Quail-dove
  15. Namaqua Dove
  16. Grey-fronted Quail-dove
  17. Tanna Ground Dove
  18. Bridled Quail-dove
  19. Tongan Ground Dove
  20. Crested Quail Dove
  21. Geotrygon
  22. Key West Quail Dove
  23. Chalcophaps
  24. Scardefella
  25. Macropygia

How Many Types of Doves in South Africa?

  • Red-eyed Dove
  • Lemon Dove
  • Mourning Dove
  • Eurasian Collared Dove
  • Emerald-spotted Wood-dove
  • Blue-spotted Wood Dove
  • Ring-necked Dove
  • Laughing Dove
  • Tambourine Dove
  • Namaqua Dove

How many types of Doves in Ontario?

  • White-winged Dove
  • Common Ground Dove
  • Inca Dove
  • Eurasian Collared dove
  • Mourning Dove

What is special about doves?

Some of the amazing facts about Doves have mentioned in this paragraph. Mostly traditions are used Pigeon and dove as same purpose like leaving white doves to fly for bright future and the independence ceremonies. These two birds (Pigeon and Doves) have listed in Columbidae class.

Doves are come in smaller size but their tail grows long as pigeon.  Pigeons are one of the few birds that don’t need to lift their heads to drink water.

Can you keep a dove as a pet?       

If you are looking for a bird but can’t afford a parrot (noise and one-on-one social interaction), doves might be the perfect choice. They are fun to observe and many find their singing pleasant. After the Budgerigars Birds these White Doves have the second option as a pet to your children. So your choice about dove is better as a home pet.

Which Dove is best for Pet?

There are many dove species and they can be found all over the globe. Only a few dove species are available for pets. The most popular dove species are the diamond dove, and the ringnecked dove.

How do you take care of a dove?

If you’ve ever owned or had doves as pets, you will be familiar with their basic needs. They require basic housing, protection from the elements, food and attention. They are active from sun up until sun down. They can also be vocal and will make a variety coos depending on their moods or needs. They can also be affectionate, or distant depending on how much time they are given.

Doves can have different personalities, but they are also very dependent on each other. From timid and shy to bold and aggressive, they can come across as shy or timid. I’ve seen doves who would preen on their owners like a mate, others who would sleep next to their owners and others who would go after treats in the owner’s pockets.

Types of Doves

If doves are paired up with other doves and they are producing young, their bond with their owners is less. If they are allowed to fly freely within the home, bonded pairs can enjoy interaction with their owners. They tend not to play with a large variety of bird toys, but they seem to enjoy swings, dangling things like bells and sometimes mirrors.

Doves require companionship for long periods of time. You can choose to be their owner, another dove with the same or opposite sex, another species of bird, or other docile pets. You should never leave them alone for too long.

Doves communicate their emotions by singing. It can be soothing and soft or loud and persistent depending on the needs of the doves. It is still a “coo”, not a screech or shrill.

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