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A lot of viewers are searching online that, where did dead dove: do not eat come from?, explain dead dove: do not eat etc. “Dead Dove: Do Not Eat” is a sign or tag which used on fan works that started being used around 2015, apparently prompted by this Tumblr post by mostly valid. The intent of the tags was summarized as follows:

The “Dead Dove – Do Not Eat” tag is essentially a Meta tag that says “what it says on a tin,” meaning “you see the tropes or concepts tagged here?” They will appear in this story. Just as stated. There will not be subversion, authorial commentary condemning problematic elements, or meditation on possible harm. This fic contains dead dove. If you continue, you can expect to meet it.”

The Dead Dove reference originated in the TV shows Arrested Development.

Those fans saw a need for this type of tag can be linked to the rise of so-called Purity Culture in fandom. Some fans wanted stories that contained content they considered to be problematic removed from AO3. These stories could contain violence, rape, toxic relationships and misogyny as well as racism. The A03 tag system allows authors to clearly indicate the story’s content so that readers don’t miss it. However! The “Dead Dove” tag is an adds an extra “caveat lector” element. Many in fandom see the tag as an ad for a juicy story!

Dead dove do not eat reddit

 Although I know what it is, I was curious about how serious it must be before I added it to the tags. It is not necessary and I don’t want it. I won’t be tagging anything else separately, but I was curious about the limit until I have to add that tag. Let’s assume that one of the tags I use is Saw Traps (from the movies). It is necessary to include Dead Dove: Do not eat with this tag, since it is death traps. You’re probably familiar with the films. (I don’t actually write Saw fan fiction, though. Also! Another question: Do I need to label my crossover fic because I am using Saw Traps, but none of the characters are crossing over? The idea of John Kramer’s mentality and death traps is enough to get me started.

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