Rare Bulldog Breed Types, Facts & History

Types of all Bulldogs and History

Going back in time, it can be traced that Bulldogs is a breed that goes back to the 5th century as a breed called Alaunt in the UK. Bulldogs were originally used for their aggressive nature and to assist butchers in controlling livestock.

Bulldogs were also used in a “sport” that was called bull-baiting in the UK during the 15th century. This sport revolved around these trained dogs who were being latched onto tethered bull’s noses. These dogs were not allowed to let go until the bull was pulled to the ground by the dog or the bull had killed the dog.

Moreover, Bull-baiting was not only taken as a sport. Bull-baiting was also used to make the meat of the bull more succulent before butchering. Afterwards, Bull-baiting was banned in 1835.

After the ban, people had the assumption that the breed of bulldogs would become extinct. However, bulldogs were used to help herd cattle in the U.S. Bulldogs were larger in the U.S. as compared to the Bulldogs in England. This has invited many disagreements. Some people believed it was because of selective breeding two smaller bulldogs. While others have a different belief that it is because of cross-breeding with pugs.


There are few characteristics of this breed that makes a bulldog stand out.

  • Loose skin of the head
  • Furrowed brow
  • Pushed-in nose
  • Small ears
  • Undershot jaw with hanging chops on each side
  • Their distinctive rolling gait
  • The coat, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns, is short, tender, and glossy.
  • Bulldogs can almost weigh up to 50 pounds
  • Their weight won’t stop them from curling up in your lap
  • They are easygoing but not lazy
  • Bulldogs cherish brisk walks
  • Need for regular moderate exercise
  • Well settled in an air-conditioned room during summer afternoons
  • Labored breathing in hot and humid weather

Types of Bulldogs

American Bulldogs:

American Bulldogs are quite athletic dogs. They are well balanced, which can be seen through their great strength, perseverance, agility, endurance and an amicable attitude.

Historically, they were used as utility dogs to work on the farm. John D. Johnson is given the credit of creating the American Bulldog. The story of John is known in this way where he was a teenager in the 1930s. He started breeding the remaining herding bulldogs.

Moreover, In 1960s he teamed up with Allen Scott to work on American Bulldog. But eventually they parted ways because they saw the American Bulldog as two different dogs.

John became the pioneer of creating the larger, short-muzzled bulldog. While Allen started breeding the smaller and athletic looking bulldog. These bulldogs are now known as the Johnson Type and Scott Type.

The American Bulldog has a particular body structure. American Bulldog has a muscular body with a large, square head and jaws. This breed has muscular cheeks and a furrowed brow look. Their nose and eye rims are black. While their ears can be rose, half-pricked or pendant. The muzzle of an American Bulldog is box-shaped and the lips are loose.

In their physical structure, male American bulldogs can grow between 22-28 inches tall and 70-120 pounds. While females can be 20-26 inches tall and 60-100 pounds. 

Their coat is short and coarse. The color of their coat can either be white, brindle, red, tan or brown or any combination of these colors.

American Bulldogs are not hostile dogs. They are loyal, reliable, and brave. They come with strong protection instincts, that’s why they are known for their acts of heroism and protectiveness. Their life expectancy goes up to 16 years.

English Bulldogs:

Unlike American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs are smaller in size. They are usually medium-sized with a large head and wrinkled face. They were used in Bull-Baiting. Their small size was considered an advantage against an angry bull. Their small size keeps them close to the ground. English bulldogs come with short muzzle which helps them in having a strong grip on a bull.

The English bulldog is considered to be the sixth most popular dog breed in the United States and keeps on coming in the top 10 in many parts of the United Kingdom.

Their lifespan can be from 8 to 12 years. They can weigh from 40 to 50 pounds and their height is almost 12 to 15 inches.

French Bulldogs:

Despite of their small body, French Bulldogs are quite muscular and intelligent. They are particular known for their bat like appearance.

Their weight is usually less than 28 pounds. Their coats are fawn, white, brindle, and brindle and white. Their coat is also short and smooth and relatively easy to clean. They can be excellent watchdogs too because of their agile nature.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog:

Alapaha Blue Blood is a large bulldog who can weigh 60 to 95 pounds. He was used as a “catch dog”. It was his job to catch, hold and drive unruly cattle and hogs. These days Blue Blood Bulldogs are used as a human companion and family protector.

They are strong, active, large, and protective. They are not good with force and cruelty so a lot of patience and firmness is required to train them into a firm, disciplined, and sociable bulldog. Lack of attention and training can lead them to aggressive and destructive behavior.

Catahoula Bulldog:

Catahoula Bulldogs are a mixture of an American Bulldog and Catahoula Leopard dog. The contribution of the American Bulldog provides strength with a laid back temperament. While the Catahoula Leopard dog contributes in their intelligence, speed endurance, and natural hunting skills.

This breed was bred to help cattle ranchers and to protect cattle. They also provide a strong hog-hunter. They are warriors with a highly-intelligent, loyal and amicable disposition.

Health Issues:

There are various health issues that your bulldog has to face.

  • Major respiratory problems (Breathing and Panting)
  • Hip Dysplasia.
  • Joint & Ligament Injuries.
  • Overheating.
  • Severe Skin Allergies.
  • Eczema, Dry Skin , Acne.
  • Degenerative Spine Disease.
  • Cherry Eye.

Are Bulldogs dangerous and are they family pets?

Bulldogs can be the best family pets because of their protectiveness towards their master. They are not dangerous and less aggressive. Training and daily routine exercise is required to keep them happy and healthy.

Adoption Suggestions:

Bulldogs can be quite expensive when you are buying them from a breeder. But when you are adopting a bulldog then it can cost you around 300$. In adoptions, the price you pay is basically serves as the adoption fee and not the cost of a bulldog. There are many websites online who help with adoptions like http://www.nobordersbulldogrescue.org/bulldogs/available-for-adoption/.

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