26 people are sick with cholera on the French island of Mayotte.

people are The French island  of Mayotte, which is located in the Indian Ocean, reported on Sunday that it has discovered 26 cases of cholera, beyond its capacity to provide care.

In addition to the ten imported cases that were discovered over the previous month, Mayotte announced on Friday the first three locally acquired instances of the illness.

Mayotte: échauffourées entre manifestants mahorais et patients comoriens

The head of the ARS health authority, Olivier Brahmic, stated that the medical staffing situation at the major hospital in Mayotte was “highly critical” following a 48-hour increase in patient numbers.

With a 14-person capacity, the first cholera unit at the hospital was overflowing, according to ARS, so it created a second one.

Cholera is an infectious disease that spreads quickly in unsanitary environments and usually causes severe diarrhea, vomiting, and cramping in the muscles.

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A campaign to find additional cases, give antibiotics, and vaccinate people has been announced by ARS.

The majority of the imported cases in Mayotte are from the nearby Comoros, which has been fighting a cholera outbreak since the beginning of the year.

Many migrants from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is currently experiencing a cholera outbreak that claimed hundreds of lives last year, pass through the Comoros on their route to Mayotte.

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Despite a promise from Paris to strengthen citizenship regulations, anti-immigrant parties have started rallies against new immigrants in Mayotte, the 101st and poorest administrative district of France.

When the other three Comoros islands sought and gained independence in 1974, Mayotte, which is a part of the Comoros archipelago, decided to stay a part of France.

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