“FBI: International” Presents Colin Donnell and Describes the Absence of Forrester.

“FBI: International”  FBI: Hackers have attacked the world, and nothing will ever be the same. In Tuesday’s penultimate episode of Season 3 (“Gift”), the Fly Team hardly had time to wonder where their boss, Forrester (Luke Klein tank), was when an NSA agent barged into their headquarters and began ranting about a big data leak. For access to his extremely profitable software company, someone had killed a millionaire in one of the safest residences on the planet.

"FBI: International" Presents Colin Donnell and Describes the Absence of Forrester.

“FBI: International”  What is the connection between it and Colin Donnell?
Colin Donnell, a former Chicago Med student, portraying Special Agent Brian Lang, who was assigned to this case, was shortly introduced to Vo (Venessa Vidette). He seems to be experiencing some, but not all, of the symptoms of PTSD evident yet what his traumatic flashbacks were trying to tell him.

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“FBI: International”  The crew soon discovered that Forrester’s mother, a double agent in hiding, was somehow connected, and that Forrester had received a direct message with instructions on how to find her. Everyone suspected that was where Forrester had gone, even though no one had concrete proof.

“FBI: International”  What is the fate of Forrester? Is he deceased or missing?
Agent Lang found herself in a bit of a bind when the billionaire’s killer offered to trade the whereabouts of Forrester and Forrester’s mother for his own amnesty after the latter was apprehended. After Amanda (Christina Wolfe) learned where Forrester’s mother was being held from the NSA agent, the team asked Lang if he would assist them in tracking down their absentee boss. His moment of hesitation caused the show to conclude abruptly with a “to be continued.”

“FBI: International”  Though it might necessitate certain team members acting a little erratically, we know that Lang agrees to assist and takes command of the operation thanks to the teaser for the season finale.

The issue is that Luke Klein tank’s last episode aired on May 7 and we already know that Forrester is departing the program. The dilemma is whether he dies or goes into hiding with his mother as we already know that this search is pointless. It seems improbable that he would not bid farewell to his team if he were still alive and not hiding.

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“FBI: International”  Elizabeth Mitchell played Forrester’s mother, Angela Cassidy, aka Vanessa Kincaid, who made three appearances in Season 1. She was exposed as an American double agent working against Russia, and she requested that the Forrester not pursue her in order to maintain.

"FBI: International" Presents Colin Donnell and Describes the Absence of Forrester.

“FBI: International” keeping himself secure. It would seem that he ought to have kept doing as she advised!

Hopefully, all will become clear in the season finale, which premieres on CBS next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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