How To Get A Fabulous Pineapple Conure On A Tight Budget

Pineapple Conure is a small and most charming South African native parrot. They can be described as a stunning variant from the green Cheek Conure which was born as a result of a mutation from Cinnamon and yellow-sided Conure chicks.

pineapple conure

Pineapple Full Grown Male

Pineapple green cheek conure have a most eye catching color marking (yellow sided and cinnamon) give them an attractive look as well as ideal pet choice for parrot fans.

Can a pineapple conure tame and talk?

These parrots are also popular and keeping by children and elders as a favorite pet worldwide. They mostly tame by people and can easily talk some easy words as well as mimic regular speech. You can make easily more tamed if you adopt pineapple conure baby chick. They are easily tame in early age and speak some words in speaking any language.

Male Pineapple Cinnamon Red Factor Conure

What is lifespan of pineapple conure?

Pineapple green cheek conure’s life expectancy is almost 20 to 25 years in captivity. Mostly they survive more than 30 years in the wild. So these parrots are companion your half life of period as compared to human’s average life in these days. If you are going to adopt this quit buddy so welcome to you and your family.                                                        

How smart a pineapple conures?

Pineapple conure bird so peaceful, funny and intelligence having a innocent behavior. They are small to medium pet parrots, affectionate and calm nature.  Green Cheek Conures don’t come across as genuine Conures due to their quiet disposition and are perfect for those looking to acquire the Conure due to their unique personality but who aren’t quite ready for the noise. Pineapple green parrots most social and lively, as is evident by their cahrming character.

Female Pineapple Conure

Is pineapple conure one person parrot?

Pineapple conure green cheek not only a one person pet but also a perfect choice for family in your home. They can easily identify every family member in your house. If you train them so they loudly when anyone come in the house from outside.

Pineapple conure baby

What is Good food for Pineapple conure parrot?

Pineapple conure diet is depends on seeds, like Barley, Chia and Quinoa etc. green cheek pineapple parrots are also like seeds’ sprouts you should be try this one. Do not overdo the seeds because they’re rich in fat and could result in weight gain in these birds. We recommend here always try best and clean seeds, get from reputable shopkeeper.

Turquoise pineapple Conure

Note: you should be aware from the market mix seeds which can cause obessity because it’s high in fat content and has an unbalanced nutrition profile.

How much is pineapple conure cost?  

We have mentioned here all about the price of pineapple conure birds. Pineapple Conure price is starts from $300 to $600 of a young breeder pair. You can also expect Green cheek conure baby price of a hand feed from $400 to $500.  We have also posted below a table where you can get more information about different accessories of conure bird might be helpful to you. Pineapple green cheek conure price is also depending on different factors such as place, demand and quality.

Cinnamon Grey Cheek Conure

Bird Travel Cage$100
Conure Bird Feed Monthly$30 to $35
Toys and Perches$25 to $40

 There are some different and most demandable conure birds’ costs:

Conure Birds TypesCost
Turquoise pineapple Conure$400 to $500
Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure$300 to $400
Blue Pineapple Conure$1000 to $2500
Red factor Pineapple Conure$850 to $1200
Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure$400 to $800

Red factor Pineapple Conure

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Blue Pineapple Conure

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