Most Exotic Electus Parrot Price for sale

Electus parrot price may be different in every country or city due to some factors including place, talkative and tame ability, breeder’s reputation and demand etc.  

Electus parrot is so cute intelligent and charming big parrot for bird lovers. These parrots are so popular due to their color marking, talkative capability and adorable look.  They require little bit of time and space in your apartments or house.

most exotic electus parrot is found in Indonesia, Australia Papua New Guinea etc. if we talk about color so male electus are nearly completely covered with the emerald-green feathers and have an ounce of red and blue beneath their wings. While female have purple-blue shade on the chest and neck.

What is cost of Electus parrot?

The price of Electus parrot is starts from $1500 to $3000 approximately. We recommend here you don’t hesitate of asking questions regarding your pet’s health as well as pedigree record. One more important thing is that every bird’s health depends on the keeping of breeder so you should always check caring and facilities of breeder.

Electus parrot baby price is less $2500 around in USA. If you are going to breeder so you should be research very well in your local areas.

Is an Eclectus parrot ideal for family as a pet?

Electus parrot is an ideal choice in home as a pet but you should always purchase little chicks for better result. Male Electus chick make excellent pet due to his compassionate nature – exceptionally clever and love the company of others.

If your Electus screaming so don’t afraid they always want your attention towards them because they are very smart and intelligent. It might be happen when they see some strangers around your house.

Is an Eclectus parrot talk?

these parrots can easily taught speaking singing and dancing etc. electus species are not susceptible to loud squawking as compared to other parrots as well as they have a quit chatty personality and xtremely clever and require a lot of excite.

How long does a Eclectus parrot live?

The lifespan of Elecuts parrots is almost 40 to 50 years in wild, while in captivity they survive around 25 to 35 years. Actually there are some reasons which minimizing their life expectancy in captivity such as human foods that can harm these parrots.

Find Electus parrot for sale near me in India

Electus parrot cost range around 115k to 135k in India. Another most exotic Blue Eclectus is an exotic breed that was born of an extremely rare genetic mutation which has been asking more than twenty l20 lac Indian rupees.

You can also search Solomon Island Eclectus for sale near me Argentina, United Arab Emirates.

My couples of friends have a Blue Electus Parrot babies in Brazil and Cameron.

Electus parrot price

Beautiful Solomon Island Eclectus parrot for sale in Philippines

Electus parrot price in Philippines is starts from ₱ 7,000 to ₱ 10,000. You can find wherever in your cities like Pasig, Batangas city etc.

How much cost of Electus parrot in South Africa?

A lot of people are selling and purchasing Electus parrots in between R5000 to R6500. You can find all over the cities such as Cape Town, Durbanville and Springs East Rand etc.

How much does an Eclectus parrot cost in Australia?

 A full grown 5 year old breeder Electus parrot price in Australia is starts from $2000 to $2500 approximately. You can also search online for cheapest Electus cost in Australia.

Hybrid Electus Parrot

Can you own an Eclectus parrot in Australia?

If you are looking to purchase an Eclectus Parrot in Melbourne or Geelong you can click on the buttons below to talk to us. We will help you select the best cage and offer some tips on taking take care of your bird. You can visit link has been mentioned below!

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