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Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos’ Facts! You should know

History One of the popular and exotic Carnaby’s Black cockatoos is also famous as the name of short-billed black cockatoo, found in southwest Australia. The first time in 1948 this breed has been offered by naturalist Ivan Carnaby. Description Like other cockatoos, it has a short peak on the highest …

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Glossy Black Cockatoo Facts, Pictures & Price

The Glossy Black Cockatoos are the exotic and most popular breed among all cockatoos. You can see this breed in eastern Australia’s territories. They are also known as the name of Casuarina Cockatoo in Australia. Glossy Black Cockatoo is so amazing parrot among all breeds. Description This breed has a …

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Solomons Cockatoo Facts, Care & Price

The Cockatoo breed’ scientific name Cacatua ducorpsii  ia also known as with different names like Solomons corella, Solomons cockatoo, Ducorps’s cockatoo and broad-crested corella. They are found in Solomon Islands archipelago. They are little bit of larger in size according to other Umbrella Cockatoo and Tanimbar Cockatoos. Solomons Cockatoo price …

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Goffin Cockatoos’ Facts & Images! You should know

Binominal Name:   Cacatua goffiniana Family:                  Cacatuidae Weight:                  250 g to 300 g. Height:                    31cm to 12 inches Goffin Cockatoos are very attractive and most intelligent parrot is also known as the name of Tanimbar Corella Cockatoo. They follow everyone and learn quickly to open the cage’s window after seeing you …

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Salmon-crested Cockatoos’ Fact & Images

Scientific Name:  Cacatua Moluccensis Adult Size:           Almost 20 inches Common Names: Salmon Crested Cockatoos and Moluccan Cockatoos The cockatoo breed known with two names 1st is Salmon and 2nd is Moluccan Cockatoo. They are very popular near to birds’ lovers because of its amazing temperament and striking appearance. Cockatoos are …

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Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Facts, Care & Price

Hyacinth Macaw is a most popular macaw breed among other macaw breeds. These Hyacinthine macaws are very rare breed, found in eastern and central South America.  They have a different kind of features like yellow patch of skin close to the lower bill, cobalt blue feathers (entirely blue and lighter …

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Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Photo Gallery

This species of cockatoos is known as pink cockatoo, has a medium size according to other Cockatoos. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo have different qualities like white and salmon-pink plumage, light red and yellow crest, and give attractive look to this parrot. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos are the best choice as a home …

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Spix’s Macaw Pictures Gallery & Facts

Spix’s Macaw Pictures

Spix’s Macaw Pictures are so cute and utilize commercial by parrot lovers. The World’s most beautiful and rare parrot is also known as the little blue macaw, have a bare grey facial skin and eye rings style. Its plumage is grey-blue on the head, pale blue on the under parts, …

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White/Umbrella Cockatoos Facts and Behavior

There is a little bit of difference in White or Umbrella cockatoos (lemon or pale yellow color under the wings and tail) which set them apart from other cockatoos such as Sulphur Crested, Yellow Crested and Salmon Crested Cockatoo. They have almost all white color from the upper surface of …

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