Goffin Cockatoos’ Facts & Images! You should know

Binominal Name:   Cacatua goffiniana

Family:                  Cacatuidae

Weight:                  250 g to 300 g.

Height:                    31cm to 12 inches

Goffin Cockatoos are very attractive and most intelligent parrot is also known as the name of Tanimbar Corella Cockatoo. They follow everyone and learn quickly to open the cage’s window after seeing you unlatch the lock. They are the smallest breed as comparing to other cockatoos.

Goffin Cockatoo

They are basically white with salmon-shaded quills around the eyes and bill, and the more profound plumes in the peak and around the neck is likewise salmon shade. The undersides of the Tanimbar Corella’s wing and tail plumes have a yellowish tinge.


They are found in in the Tanimbar Islands archipelago in Indonesia. The species breeds well in bondage and there is an enormous aviculture populace.


This breed is also relying on nuts, seeds, coconuts and grain crops as other cockatoos in wild.

Health Problems

Like other cockatoos, Tanimbar cockatoos can have common health issues like feather disease (PBFD), psittacine beak and feather plucking. So take care of your parrots.

Goffin Cockatoo Adoption

Tanimbar Corelli cockatoos are accessible from avian-claim to fame stores, parrot farm owners reproducers just as for selection from bird care associations. Goffins are regularly surrendered for reception because of conduct issues, which makes this a parrot that should be completely explored and painstakingly considered. In a perfect world, another cockatoo proprietor should work with an experience bird raiser or potentially avian behaviorist at an early stage to set a cockatoo up for progress as a buddy pet.

Goffin Cockatoo Price:

Actually price is different according to the country; commonly these adult cockatoos’ price around $1000 to $1500. Actually we suggest you here that before buying this parrot you should be known about Goffin cockatoo’s behavior and talking skill.  So, get opinion from parrot breeders.

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