Solomons Cockatoo Facts, Care & Price

The Cockatoo breed’ scientific name Cacatua ducorpsii  ia also known as with different names like Solomons corella, Solomons cockatoo, Ducorps’s cockatoo and broad-crested corella. They are found in Solomon Islands archipelago. They are little bit of larger in size according to other Umbrella Cockatoo and Tanimbar Cockatoos. Solomons Cockatoo price is a depends on different factors as we mentioned below!

The bird has a blue eye ring and recumbent crust gives attractive look and also a difference from other umbrella and Tanimbar Cockatoos. The small white cockatoo is about 12cm in length approximately.


Little populaces are likewise observed on close by Bougainville island and eastern Papua New Guinea. Strikingly, they are the main variety of cockatoos in their general territory, which encourages them flourish and breed absent a lot of impedance. On account of the general remoteness of their natural surroundings, they endure no dangers and are types of least concern. They flourish in an assortment of territories, the majority of which are thick backwoods, optional development, and neighborhood sparse forest.


They have prevalently white plumage albeit now and then the shrouded bases of the head and bosom quills have a carnation pink base. Their peaks are round and huge. These Cockatoos have light yellow undersides to their wings and tails. Their feet are dark and their bills are grayish-white. Guys have dim earthy colored or dark irises, while females have increasingly red tinge in their irises.


These cockatoos are quite rare in aviculture and usually lay 2 eggs in a clutch in the month of July to September. After 25 days of incubating, chicks are self in 60 days approximately and leave the nest or a tree cavities.


Solomons are surviving on nuts, seeds, blossoms, insects, crops and fruits in wild. While on the other hand, most stores have a particular cockatoo seed blend, which functions admirably as a premise. Also, present some new foods grown from the ground as a wellspring of nutrients and minerals, and you’re all set. This basic eating routine frequently works best and makes your pet fit and upbeat.

Health Care

Obviously, you will even now need to give a ton of good consideration and fundamental consideration, so as to limit any potential dangers. A portion of the essentials of good consideration are acceptable cleanliness and a lot of activity. Social collaboration is likewise required, and your parrot will help you to remember it. So take care!

Can we adopt Solomon cockatoo as a pet?

Solomons cockatoos are calmer than most Cockatoos and make sweet pets given a correct situation that considers their requirement for a lot of friendship/association and mental incitement. Despite the fact that they are littler than most different cockatoos, they are dynamic and need spacious cages and heaps of toys.

Solomons Cockatoo price

They are easy to tamed and trained. So we suggest please take opinion from shop keepers and cockatoo breeders.

What is the Solomons Cockatoo Price?

The price of these parrots is $3000 approximately, and can be different with country or city wise. So contact your nearest bird shop or breeders.

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