Most Beautiful NewFoundland Dogs Facts

Newfoundland dog is so amazing and great buddy. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, everyone need a moment to pause and get a friendly smooch from one’s pet.

This is why a New Foundland Dog is the best pet one can have. Since it’s not only there to give you a smooch but also there to give you hugs; because of their large as life physique.

Newfoundland is wonderfully large, fluffy, and majestic. Foundland comes with its own particular grandiose.

As a pet parent, it is significant to keep in consideration the variation Newfoundlands have in their physique when it comes to their gender. This is why a Newfoundland who is male can weigh almost to 150 pounds and can stand 28 inches at the shoulder. While the female Newfoundland can weigh from 100 to 120 pounds.

Foundland breed’s majestic physique comes with a magnificent head, with deep, soft, and fond expressions. The outer coat of a Newfoundland is straight and coarse. While their undercoat is oily, dense and soft. The colors of their coat are gray, brown, and black. Also a black-and-white coat which is named for an artist called Sir Edwin Landseer, who esteemed this look in his expression of paintings.

Originally, New Foundlands were used as working dogs to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest. With their large body comes their agility and hardworking instincts. They are well suited to work on both land and water. New Foundlands are striking swimmers and can be equally strong “pack horse or a pack animal.”

Are New Foundland good for family?

Foundland’s dynamite body does not make him an aggressive dog. Foundland’s are best suited to live with families. Since they are absolutely sweet-natured and responsive. This is why Foundlands make an excellent family companion as well.

Foundland breed is famous for its sweet temperament which is considered to be the most highlighted characteristic of their breed. Their sweet temperament can be seen through their affinity for little children. They are best in giving positive responses to all your training because of their powerful ability of adaptability. These sweet giants are among the world’s biggest dogs which make them less of a pet and more of a family member with all their human like weight.

Newfoundland’s lifespan:

Newfoundland’s lifespan is from 8 to 10 years which makes them not a very long life fluff partner. Their daily exercise has an impact on their lifespan too. Lack of exercise can cause extra weight. And extra weight can shorten the already short life span of a Newfoundland.


Entirely contrary to their largeness, what is striking about Newfoundlands is their temperament. It is considered to be the best feature of Newfoundland. Because of how sweet and gentle they are in their disposition. Newfoundlands are serene, patient, reposed, docile, and amiable which makes them a friend to all. Their friendly temperament brings us to a significant characteristics of them being kind to even cats.

However, if need be they can be highly protective and watchful of their family at any sign of a threat.

Newfoundland Shedding/Color:

The colors of a Newfoundland is black, gray, and brown. Since they have a double coat with straight and flat hair, they only need a moderate grooming. However, they are tend to shed excess hair year round.

Because of their excessive shedding, regular grooming is important for this breed, both for their comfort and health. The coat needs to be brushed regularly to remove dead hairs, and nails should be kept to a short length.

How much do Newfoundland dogs eat?

In the later years of their growth, Newfoundland’s metabolism slows and their intake of food lessens. While Newfoundlands require plenty of food during the first year of growth, gaining up to 100 pounds.

Newfoundland’s facts:

In order to pet a Newfoundland, it is vital to be aware of some of the facts about them:

  •  Newfoundlands are not good with a hot weather. They do not tolerate heat well; some are sensitive to anesthesia.
  • For their proper health, there are some suggested tests for them which include hip, elbow, cardiac, vWD, and cystinuria tests.
  • Newfoundlands have a low tendency to bark and low tendency to dig.
  • They have a high tendency to drool and are massive drinkers while low tendency of snoring.
  • Their exercise requirement can be from 20 to 40 minutes a day.
  •  They are well built enough to pull a drowning man from rough seas.
  • Their date of origin is 1700s
  • Major concerns in their health can be SAS, cystinuria, elbow dysplasia, CHD, gastric torsion.
  • While minor concerns in their health can be OCD, entropion, ectropion, vWD, cataract, cruciate ligament rupture.
  • Newfoundland’s outer coat comes with a water-resistant quality that is perfectly well suited to their strong desire to be in the water.
  • They are born swimmers since their feet are wide with webbing between the toes for swimming.
  • Newfoundlands became so well known for their ability to swim and perform water rescue that two Newfoundland dogs were a vital part of the “equipment” on lifeguard stations along the coast of England.

Are Foundlands expensive?

As a pet parent, rarely do the price matter when your urge to pet a foundland is more than its price. The price of a Foundland can vary; it can go from lower to the higher. It depends on who you are getting your Foundland from.

But to have a certain number for the estimation, a foundland can be purchased in $1,200 to $3,000. Foundlands are expensive because their price is basically serves as a first investment in keeping a pet. What makes it more expensive is the amount of money one has to pool in for their food, their daily treats, their grroming supplies, their toys, in training them, and in their health to keep them healthy.

From where we can adopt a Foundland puppy?

Adoption is the best way to satisfy your need for a baby pet. There are many adoption and rescue sites for dogs who help you with your forever pet. So Foundland puppies can be adopted when you start looking for a breeder, adoption site, or a rescue site.

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