Grimes County is recuperating from storms on Sunday.

Grimes County  KBTX: BEDIAS, Texas Scientists from the National Weather Service examined storm damage close to Bedims and identified an EF-1 tornado.

Following the tornado’s touchdown northwest of Bedims, two homes reported flooding and a few houses sustained roof damage.

A daunting recovery begins in the South and Midwest after tornadoes kill at  least 32 | WGCU PBS & NPR for Southwest Florida

Additionally severely damaged, the bridge on County Road 157 is currently closed and will require replacement.

Grimes County Emergency Management Services Coordinator David Lilly reports that the storm caused damage to multiple trees along County Road 115 due to high winds and heavy rain.

Lilly adds that Bankhead Drive was one of the roads that flooded out.

The culvert is being added and the road is being repaired by 5G LLC, also known as “Fix Our Darrell Hall Road.”

Two ancient pipes that are practically underground at the moment have fallen, and we will need to remove them using a large Track-O and other heavy equipment. Then, a new one that is eight feet tall is on the way, so we can walk through it. It will be put out completely before being covered again, according to 5G LLC’s Chase Cammock.

Grimes County is thankful the damage wasn’t worse, according to Lilly.

“All in all, we were extremely lucky that the tornado portion of the storm did not result in any major damage to any homes, though some did sustain some moderate damage,” Lilly added.

Dan Reilly, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Warning Coordination Team, arrived in Bedims to evaluate the storm’s course and strength.

At Least 32 Killed as Tornadoes Tear Through the Midwest and South - The  New York Times
According to Reilly, the storm that struck the region would be classified as an EF-1 tornado.

“That was undoubtedly what we refer to as a supercell storm—a revolving thunderstorm that brought with it intense wind, a good deal of rain, and a few tornadoes,” Reilly stated. Many large branches have fallen, and some trees have been uprooted mostly along Route 115 in Grimes County. The area appears to be following a fairly tight north-south path. We still have a great deal of damage to observe, but this is what we’ve seen thus far.

The National Weather Service has identified two tornadoes in the last two days, including this one. Trinity County received reports of the other.

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