Justin Timberlake makes fun of his own pronunciation of “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

Justin Timberlake  In a video uploaded to social media on Tuesday, the 43-year-old Grammy winner joked about mispronouncing the first line of *NSYNC’s 2000 hit song It’s Gonna Be Me, which led to a lot of It’s going to be May memes.

Influencer @umgabi asked, “What’s a word you pronounced incorrectly one time and it still haunts you to this day?” in a Tikor video. Timberlake laughed and answered, “Um… ‘Me.'” in a front-facing video.

Justin Timberlake Shares He Doesn't Recall How He Created 'It's Gonna Be Me': "I Don't Remember The Specifics..."

Fans of *NSYNC circulated numerous videos of the boy band members’ individual takes on the song’s line “me” decades ago. The video was combined with pictures of the SexyBack vocalist in various environments.

His bandmate Joey Atone recently disclosed to People magazine that the trio engages in a *NSYNC text chain, trading jokes like “It’s gonna be May” back and forth.

One meme that I sent was Justin appearing to be dressed like a member of the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones.

“Give him one of those,” he uttered.

“It was very humorous. Occasionally, one of us will come across a nice one and we’ll forward it via group text,” continued 47-year-old Atone, who clarified that the meme “wasn’t even a thing” when the number-one song was first released on *NSYNC’s No Strings Attached album.

Justin Timberlake & *NSYNC Bandmates Explain "It's Gonna Be May" Pronunciation - CelebrityKind

I simply thought, ‘It’s going to be me.'” If you’re trying to go, “It’s gonna be melee,” when you sing it, it sounds much harsher. To his ears, it doesn’t sound all that wonderful,” he remarked. “After we gave it a pronunciation, [producer] Max Martin thought of saying, ‘It’s going to be May.'” However, we had no idea that it would catch on and develop into a unique entity. You also receive strange stuff every year. However, it’s amusing. And we should accept it as such.”

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