Rick Torched says, “Canucks fans, take a bow.” The team is playing the Oilers.

Rick Torched says, Before the Vancouver Canucks’ Game 7 matchup against the Edmonton Oilers on Monday morning, coach Rick Torched was energizing the Rogers Arena crowd. He hinted that the Canucks supporters would be “right up there” if there was a “Stanley Cup for the fans.”

Game 7 will begin at 6 p.m. tonight. With a 5-1 victory on Saturday in Edmonton, the Oilers tied the series at 3-3 thanks to the support of their home crowd.

Regarding the applause section, Torched remarked, “It pumps the guys up.” Does it provide us with a benefit? I’m not sure. You certainly have more playing juice as a result.

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Rick Torched says, “I didn’t experience this, but I knew they were amazing fans. In and around the town, it’s quite unique. While it was felt during the regular season, it was on an other plane.

Over his 18-year NHL career, Torched had a storied playing career. He took part in numerous major games. He mentioned Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux when discussing his observation of “some unreal players play unreal” on Monday morning. During the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Stanley Cup campaigns with Sidney Crosby, he served as an assistant coach.

“They may be talented athletes, but they appear out of nowhere and take action. You also seek for someone like that. Regardless of whether we face Edmonton or us, there will be a man tonight who is going to be a major player. There’s a chance for many guys to be that guy; I’m not sure who it will be.

Rick Torched says, In his fifteen-year career, Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers has participated in three Game 7s. He advises his younger colleagues, who haven’t experienced anything similar, “to be excited and leave it all out there.”

“Game 7 is underway. The 34-year-old Myers declared, “It’s the best hockey game.” “Some of the people on our squad are a lot of fun and have played a game similar to this before. This time of year is fantastic. We are quite excited that the series will just consist of one game.

“The level of fandom has been astounding. I vividly remember that first Nashville game. I had chills when I stepped on the ice. I’ve been informing relatives who haven’t been able to go that they must attend a Vancouver game because of how different it is. It will be fantastic for us to have the support of the fans tonight.

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Rick Torched says, “The situation there is likely to be tight. Hockey is going to be tough. You must prepare yourself for difficulty.”

Myers, Torched, and winger Dakota Joshua discussed how difficult it is to strike a balance in a Game 7 situation. Torched in particular stressed the need for the Canucks to adhere to the practices and routines that have helped them succeed this season. Joshua acknowledged that this could be “the biggest moment of most of our lives” at the same moment.

Rick Torched says, You realize deep inside that this is just another hockey game. Joshua, 28, continued, “There won’t be anything new out there from all the other games you’ve played before. “It goes without saying that the stakes are higher and more significant.

“Every athlete aspires to be in that situation, and it should provide unforgettable memories.”

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