10 Dogs that look like wolves

Many times people become fond of wild side of nature. People have this urge to pet a wild animal. But because of their natural habitat, their predatory nature, and their lesser ability to adapt to a domestic setting, people are unable to pet a wild animal. Dogs that look like wolves are so amazing and attractive for dog fanciers.

Since wolves are also habitual of living in a natural habitat and habitual to fulfil their predatory needs; one cannot pet a wolf. However, one can always have a dog that resembles like a wolf because of canine evolution. There are many dogs that look like wolves and that can also fulfil your desire of keeping a wolf. There were times when people believed that dogs are descendants of wolves and share the same ancestors.

Moreover, it is believed that dogs and wolves share some part of similar DNA which also suggests that dogs and wolves can breed and can produce hybrids. It does not in any case make them wolves; it just makes them look like wolves in their appearance.

What is a wolf dog called?                                   

As mentioned above, wolves and dogs can breed and in result they produce wolf dogs who are called hybrids; sharing the characteristics of both dogs and wolves. A wolfdog hybrid is a canine that is the result of mating a dog with an Eastern wolf, a gray wolf, red wolf, or Ethiopian wolf; given that the dog is a domestic dog.

Dogs that look like wolves

Are wolf dogs aggressive?

Wolfdogs are generally more aggressive than the domestic dogs. Since wolfdogs share characteristics of both dogs and wolves; this is why wolfdogs get their aggressiveness from dogs while wolves have an innate fear of men and can attack men if needed. Since dogs are very protective and are also used as watch dogs, they are likely to become aggressive while protecting their master. It is unpredictable in wolfdogs but given the lifestyles of dogs and wolves, it can be said that wolfdogs are aggressive.

Are wolf dogs good pets?

Wolfdogs are not as easy to pet as domestic dogs. Because of their hybrid nature, they are likely to be aggressive and if you cannot pet an aggressive wolfdog than a wolfdog is not the best pick for you. But if you have the desire of taming the aggressive nature of a wolfdog and are also fond of wild animals, then a wolfdog is the best choice for you because of their domesticity as well as their wild tendencies.

Following are the 10 dogs that look like wolves. Some are the result of wolf-dog hybridization while others are merely dogs with similarities to wolves in appearance.

  1. Kugsha
  2. Siberian Husky
  3. Alaskan Malamute
  4. German Shepherds
  5. Saarloos Wolfdog
  6. Utonagan / Northern Inuit Dog
  7. Tamaskan
  8. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
  9. Samoyed
  10. Canadian Eskimo Dog

Kugsha: Kugsha is a hybrid with their capacities of running, and stamina like huskies. They come with an assertive nature. Their lifespan is 12-15 years. Because of their athletic and strong body, they need a lot of exercise or they might become destructive. Because of their loyalty, they develop a good strong relationship with their owner and prove to be a good pet. However, they are not good pets in a house with children.

Siberian Husky: Siberian huskies make great pets because of their loving nature, loyalty, and intelligence. They like to run and roam around. Huskies come in variety of colors. Siberian huskies share their active and energetic characteristics from their wolf ancestors. Like wolves live in pack, huskies also like to be surrounded by fellow dogs. Siberian huskies are more likely to howl than bark, which takes us back to their wolf roots.

Alaskan Malamute: Alaskan Malamute is a giant dog of almost 45kg. Despite of their heavy built, they are very playful and loving. They are easy to train unlike many other wolfdogs. Alaskans are very fluffy and they are quite beautiful in their appearance. They are less likely to bark that makes them a good choice for a pet but they cannot live in a house with small pets because of their predatory instincts. Moreover, they have facial markings of a wolf.

German Shepherds: German Shepherds have quite near resemblance with wolves with their gray, white, and black coat, their large and bulky physique. German Shepherds are very protective, loving, and loyal which make them the most popular breed in the world. They are second most popular breed in the United States and fourth most popular in the U.K. Their intelligence is the key feature of their personality and this is why they are used as watch dogs, guards, police dogs, or search and rescue dogs. They have the high tendency to learn or they are likely to get bored and destructive.

Saarloos Wolfdog: Saarloos Wolfdogs came into existence by crossing Europeans wolves with German Shepherds. Saarloos wolfdogs are very strong and energetic which adds more to their stamina to exercise and play.

Utonagan / Northern Inuit Dog: Utonagans are a mixture of three dogs-the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky. They were first bred in England with the sole aim of producing a wolf-like dog. Utonagans are easily trainable and can learn to do any number of things. They are very friendly, easy going and intelligent dogs and tend to get along well with people, including children. They are also very energetic and require significant exercise – at least a daily walk or job. They cannot bear hot weather so it is best to keep them in a cold weather.

Tamaskan: Tamaskans were specifically bred to look like wolves. Tamaskans are a great pet to keep with children because of their highly social, friendly and adaptive nature. They are very playful and easily trainable. Physical exercise and a constant company is also vital for them.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are also hybrids of German Shepherds and Carpathian wolves. This cross was made to achieve a hybrid with the stamina and strength of a wolf and intelligence of a German Shepherd. They are also very social and develop strong bonds with their owners.

Samoyed: Samoyed is a Russian breed with very playful and friendly nature. There is a distinctive smile on their faces which indicate their pleasant nature. They prove to be very good companions. They are excellent as family dogs. They like to keep their owners warm by sleeping on top of them.

Canadian Eskimo Dog: Canadian Eskimo’s were bred to pull sleds and hunt. Canadian Eskimos are very smart, loyal, playful, and friendly. They are very large dogs with weight of 66 to 95 pounds. They need rigorous exercise routine so before keeping them as a pet, it is important to consider whether you can give Eskimo’s their required exercise routine or not.

Conclusion: What is significant to note while choosing to keep a wolf dog is that they are very receptive to the demands of their owners. They are interested in engaging with their owners and like to learn to develop their capabilities. They are also very protective of their owners and the house they live in. So you are not only keeping a pet but also a watch dog to look after your needs. so guys comments us below about this post thanks!


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