What is Boer Goat Price? & Boer Goat Farming Tips

As everything in the world is originated by someone in a certain place, Boer Goat is originated by Dutch farmers of South Africa in 1900s. Agriculture sector in the world always surpasses the timeline of industrialization. Since industrialization came much later than agriculture. People used to invest their lives in farming as their livelihood and more so as a means for survival. Boer Goat price and farming takes us back to that time.

Boer Goat Price

Boer goat became the most unique breed of livestock with its quality and rapid growth rate. The history of Boer goat goes back to 1993 when it all started in United States of America; Boers were first imported there. Through the passage of time, Boers became an integral part of United States’ landscape. People started having interest in Boers and in turn started Boer breeding to enrich their agriculture.

All of this might raise your curiosity to know what exact a Boer goat is. As the name suggests, Boer is basically a goat with a white body and a red head. This anatomy makes them unique from other goats. America’s meat goat industry saw its success with the kind of nutritious red meat, docile nature, fertility, and fast paced growth rate these Boers possessed. It even gave birth to the American Boer Goat Association.

Boer Goat comes with many advantages but it is the most beneficial because of its preference of productivity. Boers are resistant to many diseases because of their healthy anatomy and productivity. They are able to adapt in almost any environment. This is why Boers became so commonplace in America when they were originally brought from South Africa. They can weigh between 200-340 lb.

How many types are there of Boer Goat?

There are several types of Boer goats that came by breeding one goat with the other and all of them come with their own distinctive qualities. Following are the types of Boer goat:

  • Genemaster
  • Kiko
  • Kinder
  • Myotonic
  • Pygmy
  • Savanna
  • Tennessee Meat Goat
  • TexMaster
  1. Genemaster breed came into existence by breeding Boer goat with Kiko breed. It is considered to commercially valuable because of all the benefits it has. Disease resistant, rapid and heathy breeders, milk productivity, quality meat production, and rapid growth are some of the many benefits Genemaster offers. But what makes Genemasters so valuable is their ability to be trained for backpacking huge mass of loads.
  2. The word ‘Kiko’ comes from New Zealand’s native language which traditionally means flesh for consumption. As the meaning suggests, Kikos are specifically known for their abundance of meat production and were first developed in New Zealand. Kikos are strong, prolific, athletic, aggressive, hardy, and has gifted fertility.
  3. Kinder goats are best known for their milk production. Their milk has the highest butterfat and large amount of cheese can be achieved from them. Unlike Kiko, Kinder goat is not aggressive but good-natured and can be reared as a pet. Along with its abundant milk production, Kinder goat is capable of producing 250 pounds meat each year.
  4. Unlike other breeds, Myotonic is indigenous to United States since it was developed in Tennessee. Myotonic are highly muscular and are great in crossbreeding. Myotonics have a quality of becoming immobile or numb whenever they are hit by some excitement or are startled. Myotonics are used to emphasize muscularity in the commercial stock.
  5. Pygmys are different from Kinder goats because of their less milk production. Pygmys are known as meat goats and meat production is the first and foremost preference in Pygmys. Their origin goes back to Africa. They are small in size and are also kept as pets.
  6. Savanna’s were also originally bred in South Africa. Their distinctive quality is their complete white body and less hair. They are easy to take care of. Their muscular development, strong bones, hooves, and legs, with rapid reproductive abilities make them very valuable.
  7. Tennesse Meat Goat comes from breeding muscular and heavy built Myotonic goats to unrelated full-blood Myotonics. They have also inherited the numb quality of Myotonics when they are startled or shocked. Like Myotonics, they are excellent breeders and excellent mothers.
  8. When Tennessee Meat Goats are crossed with Boer Goats, TexMaster comes into being. In TexMasters, with best meat quality comes the excellent mothering skills. They have an impressive growth which meet all the commercial demands.

Boer Goat Farming Business Plan:

When it comes to farming for commercial purposes, it is significant to consider whether it is profitable or not. The same goes for Boer Goat Farming. It is necessary to have a business plan for Boer Goat Farming.

The first step to have a business plan is to research. Market research is vital in establishing a business plan. You must be aware of the value of the business you are going to invest in. If it has a greater market value, you are good to go. Moreover, get opinions from others for these opinions will come with some of their own experiences and serve to reflect the market value of a business.

The second step is to get to know the cost of machines and all the other materials required in Boer Goat Farming. Once you know the market value, you must enlighten yourself with the amount of expenses it will require. Meet farmers who are already in business and get insight from them regarding the investment and benefits it will bring.

Third is the infrastructure. You cannot possibly have an efficient business plan when you are not certain of the infrastructure you are going to organize everything in. The landscape or farm must come with fauna and flora. It must have good access of water and grass for the Boer goats to thrive. A good shelter and a good fence is also a must. All of it will make your business plan most suitable for the Boer Goats.

Without having the answers of what, how, and where, your business plan will be incomplete. All the risks, management, finance, and marketing must be settled in the business plan. This is why it is important to have all questions answered before starting a Boer Goat Farming business.

Price of Boer Goat:

As mentioned earlier, American Boer Goat Association came into existence after the rise in Boer goat breeding. To have a good estimate of the price of a Boer goat, American Boer Goat Association is the key to your inquiries. The prices of Boer goat’s price vary in amount because of the different breed, age, or location. However, it can generally cost from $150 to $400.

Boer Goat Meat Business Plan:

Thinking and planning is first and foremost when it comes to Boer Goat Meat Business plan. Boer goats produce variety of valuable and marketable things. This is why it is important to set your preference. If it is meat, then you must research which breed of Boer goat will best serve your purpose. For instance, boers and kikos are the most excellent meat breeds.

Consider all the facilities for their upkeep that will make them more healthy meat providers. Afterwards, look for a buyer or a distributor. Research on markets that are available to get Boer goat meat. If Boer’s meat is your preferred target for your business then your hands must always be full of all the information that will come handy in running your business to top levels. Consider the amount you are spending and the profit you are getting in return.

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