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Act of Animal Cruelty|New Bill Requires Creation Of A Dedicated U.S. Branch Of Justice Division To Ensure The Enforcement Of Animal Cruelty Crimes

Act of Animal Cruelty

Act of Animal Cruelty – Representative Mike Braun of Indiana and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island have presented the bipartisan Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act to guarantee that the government has a committed office for the authorization of creature savagery rules. Congressperson Braun and Senator Whitehouse are joined on this …

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Breaking News! 30 Retired Circus Elephants To Be Released Into White Oak Conservation’s New 2,500-Acre Habitat Within Its Florida Sanctuary

Retired Circus Elephants

Retired Circus Elephants Animal News! Hy Guys Today 25 September 2020, we are offering Elephant news for our animal lovers………….. All photographs of these Asian elephants were taken at the Center for Elephant Conservation in Polk City, Florida, by Stephanie Rutan of White Oak Conservation. White Oak Conservation has begun …

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