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Just Food For Dogs is perfect for pet parents who are looking for alternatives. You can choose between five different meals:

  • Freshly frozen Thaw and Serve
  • Pantry New Shelf-stable up to 2 years
  • vet support The frozen and shelf-stable nutritional supplements that need the prescription of your vet
  • DIY kits for home-made include recipes and nutrient blends to which you can add fresh meat as well as other ingredients to create your own dog food.
  • Special Diets designed for dogs who have special requirements

Just Food For Dogs also offers their own brand that includes supplementation as well as food items -and cats’ food as well should you have a cat as a family member.

Pantry Fresh meals are available at a cost of Pantry Fresh meals are shelf-stable for two years or more.
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How do I place an order? Just Food For Dogs


just food for dogs


The majority of fresh pet food businesses require that you subscribe to a service that offers auto-delivery. But not when you purchase Just Food For Dogs. Autoship is an option, but it’s not required.

You can purchase food on the internet at JustFoodForDogs.com, Amazon, Chewy and Petco The company provides food across all fifty states. If you’re fortunate enough to be located near one of the eight kitchens that are open to the public you’ll be able to walk into and buy food. You can also purchase foods in the flesh at over 200 pantries that are located in the veterinary clinics as well as some Petco as well as Pet Food Express locations.

Just Food For Dogs makes all of its food in its USDA-inspected facilities, located located in California, New York, and Washington and are staffed with fully-time food safety experts as well as nutritionists who can assist you in selecting the most suitable diet for your pet. Online consultation is also possible.

Before I picked my selections I went through a nutrition consultation by phone. The consultation was informative and thorough, however it took a while to review the various options for meals. When you purchase Fresh Frozen meals You can select from six different recipes.

Pantry Fresh food items are sold in eight different recipes. Each Fresh Frozen recipe contains just one protein source. Gluten-free and grain-free options such as Fish, Sweet Potato and Squash and Venison are available. My consultant created my account and I placed the first purchase. Now I am able to login and order food at any time.

What is it that makes Just Food For Dogs stand out

My dog is a fan of both Fresh Frozen and Pantry Fresh food. He raced to his bowl, and then licks it clean each time. Actually, that tiny stinker recently turned his nose on one of his favourite canned foods – which he’s not done before! I can tell Just Food for Dogs agrees with him based on the poops that are small and shaped.

I also appreciate that the ingredients are checked and accepted to be approved by USDA to be used by humans. I also appreciate that the nutrition and ingredients information for each recipe is displayed on the label. Each recipe was developed by a team of vets to ensure they meet the nutritional standards that are set in AAFCO. AAFCO dog Food Nutrition Profiles to help maintain or grow. Here’s a big one: Just Food For Dogs is the only company that sells fresh pet food which has conducted tests of feeding on its food recipes.

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