Chivas wins the opening leg of the Quarterfinals against Toluca!

Chivas wins With the help of the Roji Blanca Nation, we gave it our best shot and succeeded! In the first leg of the 2024 Clausura Tournament Quarterfinals, Guadalajara defeated Toluca 1-0 thanks to very clever play, and the game lasted more than 90 minutes, with a loud Akron Stadium providing support.

Due to the advantage that their standing in the general standings gave them, Chivas faced a Diablos team that came out to speculate with the tie. As a result, they chose to use deep strikes in an effort to weaken Guadalajara’s defense. But Fernando Gago’s team responded with another strong defensive display, and from then on, they capitalized on their initiative and ball control to win the game. In the last moments of the game, they were duly rewarded for their hard work.

Chivas wins the opening leg of the Quarterfinals against Toluca!

Chivas wins  This Saturday, May 11 at 8:10 PM, the series finale, will take place at Estadio Nemesia Diez. We can be certain that the ChivaHermanos will be there to support Mexico’s most beloved and well-liked club.

The objective

-AT THE END OF THE GAME, THE REBAÑO DESERVED IT AND FOUND IT! At the 85′ mark, Cade Cowell recovered the ball on the flank and attempted a cross to the far post, which Volpi slightly deflected. However, the ball ended up in the hands of “Pooja” Alvarado, who then passed it to “Pooch” Guzmán, who fired an unstoppable shot that found its way into the upper right corner of the visitors’ goal without hesitation.

Chivas wins  Risky angles At 35′, ‘Cone’ Brisiel threatened to score the first goal of the game for the Scarlets with a cross from the right that he closed to the near post. Volpi had to step in to stop it.-After one move, ‘Nene’ Belt ran attempted to score from outside the area with a strong volley that went over the Toluene goal.-CEEEERRRCAAAA! At 38′, Pavel Pérez attempted to head the ball into the back of his own net from the left, hoping to find “Chicharito,” but the Mexican defender blocked the shot.

Chivas wins the opening leg of the Quarterfinals against Toluca!

Chivas wins -The opening goal of the second half came from ‘Nene’ at 46′. In a fantastic team move, he was in front of the goal and didn’t hesitate to shoot with first intent; the defenders only stopped it from going in the back of the Choicer goal with a sweep.-‘Chicharito’ had an opportunity at 51′ when he dribbled past the defenders and sent a fast shot over Volpi, but the Red and White forward was cautioned for offside first.

-HOW AMAZING, ‘CASTI’! The Diablos attacker had the entire field to himself against ‘Tala’ Rangel, but just when it appeared he was about to shoot inside the box, José Castillo made a fantastic save to keep the ball out of his own net at 53′.-Akron’s attack began at 70′ when Erick Gutiérrez sent a fantastic long pass to Pavel at the entrance to the six-yard box. The defender attempted to clear the ball, but it bounced into their own goal. However, the VAR called a handball when Guadalajara’s number 6 was received.

Chivas wins the opening leg of the Quarterfinals against Toluca!

Chivas wins Toluca 0–1 Guadalajara (Víctor Guzmán at 85′)Oscar Mejia García, referee, Akron Stadium Orders of magnitude 25 Roberto Alvarado, 20 Fernando Belt ran, 21 José Castillo, 27 Raúl Rangel; 6 Pavel Pérez (16 Cade Cowell at 80′), 11 Isaac Brisiel (5 Víctor Guzmán at 68′), and 14 Javier Hernández (C) (19 Ricardo Marín at 68′).Fernando Gago is the coach.

First Tiago Volpi; second Andrés Pereira; third Brian García (AM at 82′); fourth Juan Escobar; and fourth 8 Carlos Torrential (14 Marcel Ruiz at 87′); 5 Tomás Belmonte; 7 Juan Domínguez (11 Maximiliano Araujo at 74′); 10 Jesús Angulo (19 Edgar López at 74′); 16 Jean Menezes; 23 Claudio Baez (C); 25 Alexis Vega. Renato Alves, coach.

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