Amazing Cozy Cat Cottages Adoption Center

Cozy Cat Cottage adoption center is a non – profit institute recognized through 501(c) (3). This is no-kill association that gives shelter, help and care for deserted, harmed or potentially mishandled cats.

This Cat Cottages is intended to offer felines a get-away while offering proprietors the security of a protected boarding office. Remaining at Cozy Cat Cottages is an extravagance experience solely for cats, such as remaining at a Hilton for felines.

Familiar luxuries flourish on each level of each glass-encased cabin. Each extensive suite has four levels to permit each occupant space to work out, and to browse an elevated perspective of the houses or a story level surprise spot.

Cozy Cubes go about as an individual hideout for the people who like some security, or like the solace of resting in more modest, encased spaces. Additional sheet material accents the leftover three levels of every cabin for the individuals who like to loosen up and watch out for things. Trim drapes between cabins hush up about meddlesome neighbors. Each occupant has a doled out “cubby” to store individual things or food.

Science Diet is taken care of free-decision to each Boarding Cat so they get a decent quality supper at whatever point they’re ravenous. Assuming that a home eating regimen is liked, a prepared staff part will adhere to your predetermined taking care of guidelines. New water is accessible consistently, and dishes are cleaned and disinfected day to day. Litter boxes are put on the most reduced level, while food and water stay on more elevated levels to keep litter from blending into food bowls. This likewise urges felines to move and exercise all through their visit.

In the event that your pet is more seasoned, or experiences difficulty moving and getting around, our staff will coordinate food, water, bedding and litter boxes on the lower levels for your feline’s accommodation.

An enormous TV plays an assortment of nature recordings, or creature themed kid’s shows over the course of the day for cat diversion. Bird-feeders are decisively situated external every window, and nature CDs or music is played to give each feline hear-able feeling and make a casual environment.

Aim of Cozy Cat Cottage

Cozy cat team members are focused on giving asylum and care to these cats while endeavoring to track down long-lasting, dependable, adoring homes.

They are devoted to advancing appreciation and empathy for all creatures through altruistic schooling and energetically elevating fix and fix to lessen the overpopulation of cats in focal Ohio.

Cat Hiring Policy at Cozy cat cottage

All felines inside homes as it were. All felines must be fixed or fixed before reception. All felines should have computer chips in the event that feline gets out accidently.

Cozy Cat Email Contact

[email protected]

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