Rick Ross Teasingly Asses Drake for His Jet Crash and Dallas Landing

Rick Ross Teasingly Up until someone is wounded, it’s all fun and feuds. Over the past month, Rick Ross has been making fun of his ex-partner Drake on social media. He targeted the rapper from Toronto for his attempts to imitate African American culture, his plastic surgery, and his fancy jet. When Drake joined with Young Money, he was allegedly handed an old plane, and he cautioned him to use caution the next time he took it for a spin. Apparently, the rapper’s remarks came back to haunt him. Ross’s private plane had to make an emergency landing in Dallas, Texas, less than a month after he was making fun of Drake’s aircraft.

Rick Ross Teasingly Asses Drake for His Jet Crash and Dallas Landing

The precise reason for the collision remains unknown. The Keep6ixSolid X (previously Twitter) account acquired photos from the landing. In these pictures, the plane is parked on a sizable plot of grass with Ross’s name painted on the side. Although Ross’s former career as a C.O. was ridiculed in the caption accompanying the images, it was verified that he survived the landing. “The retired Miami government employee and current cosplayer walked away unharmed because the wing stopped the plan,” it stated. Social media users reacted swiftly to the news, with DJ Academics sharing it and wishing the rapper well.

Drake’s remark stood out the most, though. Drake and Rick Ross are currently as different from each other as two rappers can get. On “Push Ups,” the latter made fun of the rapper’s age, and during “Champagne Moments,” Ross branded Drake a “white boy” nonstop. Nevertheless, the 6 God appeared happy to see that his erstwhile accomplice had made a safe landing. He found the KeepSixSolid message amusing. Fans raced to X to make jokes about Drake orchestrating the crash landing and to meme the situation. Ross participated in the fun as well, captioning his Instagram Story with the words “Drake fighter jet shot us down!”

Rick Ross Teasingly Asses Drake for His Jet Crash and Dallas Landing

Ultimately, though, these two rappers have been acquainted for more than ten years. Drake used to genuinely think that Rick Ross was his favorite rapper to collaborate with. During his It’s All a Blur tour, he declared, “I got respect for a lot of rappers.” “My favorite person to rap with on any song is this one guy, though. Rick Ross is his name. My brother is that.” The trip happened in 2023. Though a lot has happened since then, this is a good moment to appreciate the fantastic music that Drake and Ross provided their fans.

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