Do You Need A Does Petco Drug Test?

Does Petco Drug Test?

Applicants are requested to offer a urine sample.  It is not clear if the drug evaluation will occur on-site or in a third party medical center. 

Assume a drug evaluation will take place.

Whatever the situation may be, it is always safer to beyond.


Yes, Petco does perform background checks.  It is not clear just how far back in your background they’ll look.  In some instances, Petco has hired applicants with criminal records.

Petco Hiring Process

Additionally they found it easy.  In total, the hiring process should only have a day or 2. The procedure might start with you becoming a screening Phone call.  Following that, you’re going to be interviewed onsite at a Petco place. 

Sometimes, you may be interviewed with different applicants as part of a team interview. 

Petco Locations

Past applicants have found Petco’s hiring Procedure to Company casual outfit for their interviews in Petco.

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