Fluffy Blue Merle French bulldog Puppies Colors & Price Info

If you are deciding to adopt a Blue merle French bulldog so welcome I love this color so much. They gained immense popularity during the last year because of their distinctive appearance and usually unbalanced or sky blue eyes.

blue merle frenchbulldog

Blue merle French bulldog has not been registered by AKC club till now.

Is a merle French dogs puppies rare?

Is merle natural in French bulldogs?

Oh! Yes merles French bulldog are rare colors which appear with various colors such as platinum, blue and blue fawn etc. but pure French bulldog don’t produce merle color gene it can be appear split French bulldog puppies ( puppies born with merle Chihuahua and French bulldog).

Is blue merle a dominant gene?

It is believed that the Blue Merle is the dominant one that reduces the initial coat coloring for the pet.  Any dominant gene would have that gene expressed in at minimum 50% of offspring.

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Full Grown Blue Merle French bulldog

Blue merle bulldog mutation  doesn’t just prevails on coat pattern as well as on the pas paws, nose and eyes etc. they have heterochromia Iridis will most likely have blue eyes because due to this diluted pigmentation of the eyes.

What is a blue pied merle French bulldog?

Blue pied merle French bulldog puppies are mostly appearing white with distinct areas of blue covering the body of their bodies and heads. The process in which the pattern is divided and the proportion of blue and white on the coat is very different between Frenchie to Frenchie, which makes them distinctive and gorgeous! Pied is considered to be a classic pattern, but it is uncommon however.

Pied Blue Merle French Bulldog Full Grown

Are Blue merle French Bulldogs healthy?

Some people are worried that merle color can put bad impact on puppy’s health. But it is not true because health issues not linked directly with their genes. It is also depends on the way of proper breeding.

One of the most important aspects of breeding responsibly is making sure that the pairing is carried out properly. It is essential to ensure that the pairings are done correctly. Bulldog Frances should only be bred with a dog that has an uncolored coat.

If you breed two merles French buddies so output 2 can be born double merles which called homozygous merle. The negative in merle dog bloodline is that a breeder who isn’t responsible breeds two merles in a single litter that could cause a genetic catastrophe.

Blue Merle mini French Bulldog

Double merle dog are entirely white and have bright blue eyes and occasionally, they are born with eye defects. Double merle dog is also called double factor which use to clearing pigments – could negatively impact hearing as well as sight etc.

How much are blue merle French bulldogs?

They are so uncommon and expensive dog puppies, be cautious of breeders who sell cheap French Bulldogs because there are numerous Frances bulldog scams out there and irresponsible dog breeders. Blue Merle French bulldog price range is starts from $20,000 $40,000 approximately. The cost of blue merle French bulldog puppies can be different in various areas because of place and demand of French merle bulldog.

Can you breed a blue merle to a blue?

Can you breed a blue merle with a blue merle?

A double factor merle can be created by merle dogs being crossed. It is not necessary that the color of merle they’re in or the breed they belong to. In the event that two dog breeds breed together, every puppy born from the litter has a chance of 25% of becoming a double merle. A double merle is born with the gene merle twice while a single gene produces an effect of marbling pattern on the body. It also causes lighter spots in the solid coat.

Do Blue Merle French bulldog good as a pet?

Yes! blue merle French bulldog are so perfect for family as a pet because they are funny and affectionate as well as generally well-behaved with children Their smaller dimensions make them more suitable to homes with young children as opposed to other breeds

Can you breed a blue merle with a black tri?

If you’ve not conducted many breeding for merle, and you are sure of the risks involved the best rule of thumb is that blue merles should be bred to only the black. Every dog lover worried and not recommended as every puppy is at risk of becoming blind and deaf due to it. When he goes to breeding – Tri-to-tri breeding produces the tri’s in all cases, therefore the most preferred color crosses are black merle to blue tri-color and blue merle red tri as well as red merle and black tri, and red merle to black tri.


Most demandable and unique colors with Blue Merle French Bulldog

If you have never seen before a blue merle fawn so enjoy below in picture. Fawn merle Frenchies removes the pigments due to merle gene. They look so cute small pet companion.

Blue fawn Merle French Bulldog

You can also find and adopt Blue Merle bulldog puppies for sale in Canada and Philipines, wherever you live.

Blue tri Merle French Bulldog

Blue tri – merle French bulldog is so amazing and rare tri color variety. My boss is also fan of blue tri merle French bulldog puppy. You have another option to adopt a buddy in French small dog breed.

Blue and tan Merle French bulldog

Blue brindle Merle French Bulldog

Blue Merle zebra French bulldog

A while ago, I viewed the video of an Zebra French Bulldog and it was awe-inspiring because I’ve never seen a French Bulldog like it. I was enthralled, and decided to do some research about the subject. Given the many different varieties that French Bulldogs I had seen I was curious whether Zebra French Bulldogs sporting distinctive tiger-like patterns were offered as an option by certain breeders of Frenchies. This particular pattern could be a very popular market for breeders of frenchies to get into.

Double Merle Blue Merle French bulldog

Blue cream Merle French Bulldog

Blue tweed Merle French Bulldog

Chocolate Blue Merle French bulldog

Blue merle chocolate French bulldog comes in light brown green eyes with dark brown color. They are also very demandable among French bulldog lovers.

Blue sable Merle French Bulldog

Do Blue Merle French bulldogs shed?

There isn’t a need; Blue Merle French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. Merle blue French generally aren’t hypoallergenic breeds. While they’re short-haired, and do shed. These buddies shed an amount of hair twice per year in both of the seasons.

How much is a Merle isabella French Bulldog?

Isabella merle French bulldog is a latest color in French dogs. This color is a rash color of lilac that is also known as true lilac. Similar to the one of the French bulldog, an Isabella bulldog has chocolate and blue DNA as well as much more champagne-colored compared to the standard Lilac color pattern.

Isabella French bulldog price range is starts from $20,000 to $50,000 because the most rare and costly color in Frances bulldog.

Lilac Blue Merle French bulldog

Blue merle French bulldog for sale near me

The U.S., French bulldog puppies are show a lot of interest from potential buyers, who are focused on the top three selling spots. Frenchie pups are loving, happy forever loyal and protective. You can find fluffy French bulldog for sale in California.

A lot of people are finding blue merle French bulldog for sale in UK, Germany, India, Australia and Germnay etc. so you can find online merle blue French bulldog in your nearest area. you can also find best french bulldog from Franchieskingdom.com

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