“American Idol” honors Mandisa, a late season 5 competitor

“American Idol” Mandis, a former “American Idol” season 5 competitor, passed away at the age of 47.
through Web Desk April 30, 2024: American Idol pays tribute to Mandela
‘American Idol’ pays tribute to Mandis On Monday, April 29, the American Idol season 5 finalists paid respect to Mandis, the singer who passed away at the age of 47.

Revisiting Mandisa's American Idol journey as Idol honors the late season 5 alum

During the program, former competitors Melinda Doolittle, Colton Dixon, and Danny Go key made a special appearance to sing Shackles (Praise You) by Mary Mary. This song was Mandira’s debut performance when she first appeared on the Idol stage back in 2006.

Melinda said, “I’ve known [Mandis] for over 20 years,” following the performance.

“She got on Idol and I cheered for her, and when I came the next season, she cheered for me. We started off playing background and sessions together.”

Conversely, Danny called Mandis a true “cheerleader” of other people’s music, saying that she was a constant in his life when he was dropped by his label and signed to another.

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Speaking glowingly of the musician, she remarked, “It just felt amazing and she was that person.”

During their conversation, the three singers Colton shared with host Ryan Seacrest how Shackles “sums up her life.” I believe she arrived praising’ and departed praising’. But our loss is heaven’s gain, he said.

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