Salmon-crested Cockatoos’ Fact & Images

Scientific Name:  Cacatua Moluccensis

Adult Size:           Almost 20 inches

Common Names: Salmon Crested Cockatoos and Moluccan Cockatoos

The cockatoo breed known with two names 1st is Salmon and 2nd is Moluccan Cockatoo. They are very popular near to birds’ lovers because of its amazing temperament and striking appearance. Cockatoos are likewise called salmon-peaked cockatoos due to the salmon-pink feathers that contain the majority of their head crest, which they will show when they are energized, afraid, apprehensive, or excited with something. They have rosy pink color and strong black beak and claw. Salmon Crested Cockatoo Price has often mentioned below.

Salmon Crested Cockatoo Price


They eat fruits, nuts and seed as well as insects from the wild same as other cockatoo species. You can offer them Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet Pellets, Pellet-Berries and Nutri Berries for good health.


If you keep Moluccan Cockatoo in home with fully diet and care so they can live almost 6o years.

Cage Size

If you are looking, as a pet to this cockatoo so you should be make large size and sturdy cage, otherwise they can destroy it, with strong and energetic beak. Some breeders mostly keep aviaries for better breeding and cockatoos’ health. So, it is depend on you as you wish!


They are found in eastern Indonesia and South Moluccas. These Cockatoos are mostly look in form of large flocks and lowlands.

Talking Ability

These cockatoos are mimic some sound or music, and can dance but almost not talking parrot according to other ring neck parrots. The Salmons are likewise screechers and will shout for consideration when despondent or no clear explanation. Moluccan are louder so they are not perfect for anybody with close neighbors.

Common Health Problems

Salmon-crested Cockatoos are huge species and healthy bird among parrots. Commonly they can fight against almost all diseases, attacks on birds in different climate or weather changing. But they can pluck their feathers due to shortness of mental and physical activity from the owner.

While some problems such as fatty liver diseases, psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) can be appear in cockatoos.

Moluccan or Salmon Crested Cockatoo Price Adoption & Guidance

You can see a difference price option in buying a salmon crested cockatoos, depends on health condition. I think in these days online and breeders charging $3000 to $5000 approximately.

But here question is that are Salmon crested cockatoos good for you as home bird?

Become more acquainted with somebody that has experience raising Moluccans. Tell your way of life and examine in the event that they consider this parrot is a decent qualified for you. It’s in every case better to look at a parrot ahead of time and take decision against buying than to take one home and become overpowered.

You can adopt or buy from below these websites online…..

  1. Rescue the Birds
  2. Birds Now
  3. Adopt a Pet

Salmon Crested Cockatoo Picture Gallery

So guys below here we have offered some Moluccan cockatoos’ photo gallery…….

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