I Put a Selection of 2023’s Best Portable Dog Fences to the Test

If you follow the newest developments in pet technology, you’ll know that GPS Portable Fences are quickly replacing traditional fences as the preferred pet containment method. The reason is they’re simpler to set up.

You can avoid the hassle of having wires dug up and buried on your property. These dog fences utilize GPS technology and a smartphone app to make setting up perimeters quick and easy.

Invisible dog fences are more expensive than traditional fences and require training for your dog to use the technology. However, when considering the potential gains, it’s clearly worthwhile.

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We have researched and reviewed more than 12 models of these GPS dog fences. The truth is that many of them did not pass our demanding tests. There are four that made it (including our top candidate, who passed the test!). The products we evaluated are detailed below.

The ones in bold are on our “top 4” list. You can follow the links to read the comprehensive, independent reviews where relevant.

  1. Halo Collar 2+ Dog Collar
  2. SpotOn GPS Fence Collar
  3. WIEZ GPS Wireless Dog Fence
  4. Pawious GPS Dog Fence

Top Rated Portable Dog Fences

As we have already mentioned, in 2023, we will recommend four brands of GPS dog fences based on our extensive testing. Okay, how about we examine them more closely?

1-Halo Collar 2+ Dog Collar

The Halo Collar 2+ is an outstanding GPS dog fence system because it employs methods pioneered by Cesar Millan, a world-famous dog behaviourist and trainer. This high-tech four-in-one dog training device and GPS dog fence aims to increase mobility, security, and interaction between dogs and their owners.

Halo’s built-in navigation system uses the advanced GPS and GNSS technology in autonomous trackers to keep your dog safely contained within wireless fences.

The Halo App, which monitors your dog’s movements in real-time and provides helpful feedback, was designed to operate with this collar. The collar may be customized to suit your dog’s learning style, whether that’s through static stimulation, audible signals, or physical stimulation.

Reviews from Portable Dog Fence Animal Wellness suggest, you can create 20 fences by strolling around the perimeters in just a few minutes. It is true! I experienced it. In addition, the Halo may go a long time without charging. Your dog will be able to go on more journeys without you having to constantly worry about charging it.

2-SpotOn GPS Fence Collar

The SpotOn dog collar is one of the most cutting-edge products available and has been tried and true by many pet parents. Although the price dropped in March, it may still be unaffordable for some individuals. 

SpotOn Collar is the best GPS dog fence money can buy, so consider it if you have some extra cash. This high-end choice is regarded as the top GPS dog collar fence by pet parents like me, so it is no surprise. You can always find your dog with the help of the SpotOn GPS collar since it connects to a network of 25 to 30 satellites.

3-WIEZ GPS Wireless Dog Fence

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar functions as a GPS dog fence without utilizing electric shocks to confine your dog during training.

It’s great that your dog may be kept inside his boundaries using only vibrations and tones instead of shock. Vibration, audible signals and ultrasonic sounds are used for correction. This is excellent news and one of the many reasons why I adore WIEZ.

The maximum range of the Wiez GPS wireless dog fence is 3,281 feet, and it can cover up to 776 acres. The range of its remote control is from 98 to 3281 feet. There are three separate settings for the severity of the electrical shock and the vibrations.

I really like that this device can keep tabs on your dog’s movement and health in real-time via GPS.

4-Pawious GPS Dog Fence

The next item on this list is a recent canine GPS containment system. It’sn’t quite as fantastic as Halo or SpotOn, but it’s a solid alternative worth trying.

Compared to Halo and SpotOn, Pawious’s GPS fence covers a range of 33-1000 yards. It is ideally suited for farmers or open fields and is not recommended for use in tiny yards or inside, as with most GPS dog fences.

This collar’s spacious dimensions also make it appropriate for dogs of medium to big size. The collar is too large and massive for little breeds. Thus it’s not recommended for them. The Pawious training collar has a built-in alarm that sounds when the dog gets too close to the perimeter. If your pet goes too far, his collar will warn him.

Last Comments

Having a GPS dog fence has greatly impacted my experience as a dog owner. If you’re a pet parent like me, you should utilize this gadget to rest easy, knowing your pet is safe. 

If you truly care about your dog’s well-being, you should acquire a Halo Collar or a SpotOn Collar, depending on your financial situation.

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