White/Umbrella Cockatoos Facts and Behavior

There is a little bit of difference in White or Umbrella cockatoos (lemon or pale yellow color under the wings and tail) which set them apart from other cockatoos such as Sulphur Crested, Yellow Crested and Salmon Crested Cockatoo. They have almost all white color from the upper surface of the feathers. These Cockatoos is also known as the name of Ayab in the Burmeso Language in Indonesia.

Umbrellas are kept as pets since they can exceptionally love, bond intimately with individuals and are esteemed for their attractive beauty. They are big noisier among many parrots, can learn large number of words and whisking as a pet. White Cockatoos have a big and very strong beak, can damage human’s finger easily.

White Cockatoo’s Size and Weight

The White Cockatoo Male commonly has a greater bill and more extensive head than the female cockatoo. Some of the zoos and experts have reported that thy can live 45 to 55 years in the captivity.

White Cockatoo Breeding

The Umbrella Cockatoos are adult to sex in the age of Four to Five years. Once an adult bonded breeder pair is ready to breed for nesting, separate from other birds’ gathering and quest for a search of suitable hollow cavity. They breed in the Hollows of huge trees; there are commonly 2 white eggs in a clutch. A Male and Female hatch the eggs after 30 days of incubating. Umbrella Cockatoo’s Chicks leave the hollows in 90 days and self in the age of 15 to 18 weeks.

Feeding of White Cockatoo

They collect feed from the wild such as fruits; seeds and nuts etc. umbrella cockatoos enjoy the trees branches, and fruits for chewing. White cockatoos collect feed on growing fields; they do considerable harm and are therefore considered crop bugs by farmers.

We have posted Some White or Umbrella Cockatoos’ Gallery.

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