Yakuza: A Live Action Series Adaptation of the Popular Sega Game “Like a Dragon” is Coming to Prime Video (EXCLUSIVE)

Yakuza: A Live  “Like a Dragon,” a live-action series based on the SEGA game brand “Yakuza Like a Dragon,” will debut on streaming behemoth Prime Video.

Take Masuhara (“100 Yen Love”) and Takemoto Keno (“Kamen Teacher”) are the directors of the six-part crime-suspense-action series, which features Takeuchi Roam (various “Kamen Rider” titles) as Kriya Kazuma, the main character.

Yakuza: A Live Action Series Adaptation of the Popular Sega Game "Like a Dragon" is Coming to Prime Video (EXCLUSIVE)

Yakuza: A Live  On October 25 and November 1, it will be available on Prime Video in two batches of three episodes each, with dubbing and subtitles available in thirty languages.

The plot of the series, which is set in two different time periods (1995 and 2005), centers on the life, childhood friends, and consequences of a formidable and unmatched Yakuza warrior who has a strong sense of justice, responsibility, and humanity. Yoshida Yasuhiro and Yamada Kana wrote the Japanese script, which was adapted by Sean Crouch and Nakamura Yugo.

The “Yakuza” game series, which SEGA released in 2005, was marketed as an enjoyable game for adults and was well-received by its target market. The violent Kabuki Cho section of Shinjuku serves as the inspiration for the fictional Kamurochō entertainment district in the television series “Like a Dragon: Yakuza,” which portrays the lives of ferocious but passionate criminals and residents.

Yakuza: A Live  According to Prime Video, the series “showcases modern Japan and the dramatic stories of these intense characters, like the legendary Kazuma Kriya, that games in the past have not been able to explore.”

The Fool is in charge of production. Joshua Long, Roberto Grande, and Erik Barrack serve as executive producers.

“In ‘Like a Dragon: Yakuza,’ I have poured out my heart, soul, and the experience that I have gathered over 35 years,” director Take

The unrestricted demand for Japanese content from both domestic and international sources has been rising rapidly. Although there is still a wide range of content available on Prime Video Japan, James Farrell, head of international originals at Amazon MGM Studios, noted that “adapting an internationally popular game franchise with such deep resonance and layered characters presents a unique charm and makes for an extremely compelling watch.”

Yakuza: A Live Action Series Adaptation of the Popular Sega Game "Like a Dragon" is Coming to Prime Video (EXCLUSIVE)

Yakuza: A Live  “I’ve never once considered going back to revisit any of my work on the series since the day I put pen to paper on the original ‘Yakuza’ script.” It’s because I am well aware of the difficulties and tribulations involved in reconstructing a completed title. But if I were ever transported back in time by a cosmic joke, this is the kind of experience I would like to design.

Head of Ryugagotoku Studio and executive producer Yokoyama Masayoshi stated, “If I had to go through the ringer anyhow, I’d want to make the most engaging versions of Kamurochō and Kazuma Kriya—and this show has it all.” “This adaptation will be the ultimate objective method to enjoy the show, even though the games allow you to experience their universe through a subjective lens.

Yakuza: A Live  Fans of the series will definitely be taken in by the way it breathes life into the games and introduces fresh surprises. I have no doubt that new viewers will become engrossed in the show just by virtue of its realistic roughness.

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