The Late Kamara de loss Reyes is Honored by All Americans: Check Out Cody Christian’s Honorary Tribute to His “Amazing” Co-Star

The Late Kamara  Following Billy Baker’s heartfelt “return” and a nostalgic 100th episode, All American’s homage to the late Kamara de loss Reyes on Monday had viewers reaching for Kleenex once more.

After a brief fight with cancer, De loss Reyes, best known for portraying police officer Antonio Vega on ABC’s One Life to Live, passed away in December of last year. He was able to make an appearance in the April premiere of All American’s Season 6 as Coach Montes; however, his character has been kept offscreen without explanation following the death of de loss Reyes.

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The Late Kamara  However, Coach Montes’ storyline had genuine resolution in Monday’s episode. Although he was not seen throughout the program, viewers were informed that he intended to quit Coastal California College in order to work for the NFL. Over the years, Asher and Coach Montes had become quite close, so Asher avoided seeing him during the day to avoid having to say goodbye. But Asher finally got up the courage to take Coach Montes’ call and bid his boss and friend farewell after getting a parting gift from Coach Montes through his wife (the original Coach Montes, you recall).

In an interview with Vine, Cody Christian, who plays Asher in the recently renewed CW series, talked about his experiences working with de loss Reyes, who joined the cast in Season 4. He disclosed that their connection in real life frequently reflected Coach Montes and Asher’s mentor/mentee dynamic on the show.

The Late Kamara  Christian says, “I did have a very special relationship with that man outside of the show.” “In just those two and a half years, I experienced personal hell and back. For me, Kamara was serving on numerous occasions as a life coach. We would spend the entire day filming, and then afterward, we would simply chat and catch up on life. I depended heavily on him.

The Late Kamara  Christian eventually became the only series regular to regularly share scenes with de loss Reyes because Asher has been attending and working at Coastal California, while Spencer James and other characters attended Golden Angeles University for college. He says he valued this opportunity greatly, especially when de loss Reyes battled cancer during Season 6 production.

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The Late Kamara  “I’ll never forget that moment I had to go in and work with him under those circumstances and give him the flowers and respect he deserved,” he adds. I won’t even lie to you: I found it hard to watch the first two episodes of Season 6 because of what an amazing man he is.

Christian was acutely conscious of the actor’s little time left when they shot his last scenes with de los Reyes. According to him, de lost Reyes told him the truth about his prognosis and begged Christian to keep spreading the word about cancer, especially in young men, and the need of getting examined early.

The Late Kamara  “I realized that collaborating with him this season wouldn’t be something I could take for granted,” he goes on. “Working on that moment was really wonderful, and I will never forget getting to dance with him for one of his final dances, both as an artist and as a person. He was an amazing individual.

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