large financing for the RAS project in Japan

large financing for the RAS project in Japan A massive loan of 33 billion yen (£165 million) has been obtained by the Japanese aquaculture business Soul of Japan in order to plan and construct a RAS salmon facility in the nation.

project in Japan

The largest land-based salmon farm in Asia is set to be the RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) facility, which is presently being development, according to Soul of Japan (SOJ). It will cover an area of more than 135,000 square meters and be able to raise 10,000 tones of Atlantic salmon.

large financing The Tzu plant represents Japan’s growing aspiration to become a major producer of Atlantic salmon and will be larger than the Mount Fuji project spearheaded by the Norwegian business Proximal Seafood. Proximal is nearly finished with its first harvest for commercial use.

Pure Salmon Technology, with which SOJ is collaborating, will supply the cutting-edge RAS system for the facility. The Pure Salmon Group is owned by 8F Asset Management, an asset manager of private equity funds, and the loan is from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC).


large financing The SOJ project will be constructed near the sizable city of Nagoya in Tzu City, central Japan.

“With this debt financing, we can minimize our environmental impact while increasing our growth and enhancing Japan’s food security,” stated Errol Embed, CEO of Soul of Japan. Our goal is to provide customers with premium, regionally farmed fish.

large financing for the RAS project in Japan

large financing “We are excited to work with SMBC, the banking group, and the management teams of SOJ and Pure Salmon to facilitate this transaction that recognizes the importance of sustainable aquaculture and its positive impact on Japan’s economy and the environment,” stated Karim Gahanna, chief investment officer at 8F Asset Management.

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