Kenneth Choi of 9-1-1 and Jennifer Love Hewitt discuss how their “Madney” romance led to their becoming “best friends” (Exclusive)

Kenneth Choi of Speaking exclusively to Us Weekly about season 7 of the ABC series, 52-year-old Choi said, “It’s just so incredible to play all of these different colors with the actual Jennifer Love Hewitt.” “She’s really special to me and close to my heart. We’ve developed into the closest of pals. I cherish her. Her whole family is someone I adore. In my opinion, the interpersonal bond is evident on screen.

Hewitt, 45, agreed with Choi, referring to the actor as the “best person” and “sunshine” personified. She went on to state that in addition to being kind to her, Choi is also wonderful to her real husband, Brian Halliday, and their three kids, Autumn, Atticus, and Aidan.

To my kids, he’s a fantastic uncle Kenny. In real life, he is my husband’s best buddy. He simply feels like our family, and that’s how he and I have always felt,” the woman told Us. “Oh God, those two again, because all we do is laugh and act like we’re four, but we have the best time,” the [9-1-1] crew exclaims.

9-1-1's Kenneth Choi and Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Friendship, Madney | Us Weekly

According to Hewitt, that carefree fun is what life is all about. “With a wonderful partner by your side, you should be able to go to work and still feel joy and have the long days go by easily,” she stated. And for me, that’s what he represents.

When Hewitt began to participate in the firefighting drama in season 2. While Maddie’s brother, Buck (Oliver Stark) anticipated she’d be interested in his BFF Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman), Maddie was instead instantly drawn to Chimney – a plot Hewitt says she mapped out from the very beginning.

“On the first day, I really did ask Tim [Miner], our showrunner, ‘What do you want to do on the show?'” Hewitt remembered, “And I said, ‘I want Maddie and Chimney to end up together.'” Everyone said, “What are you talking about?,” at that point. I thought, “That’s her person,” even though we hadn’t even done a scene together. Who knows if we would have chemistry or not. A component of it. He shared my opinion, saying, “That’s the person she needs to fix all of this stuff that’s happened to her.”

The two characters quickly developed a strong romantic relationship, but to say that obstacles have stood in their way ever since would be an understatement.

In season 2, Hewitt’s real-life spouse Doug, Maddie’s violent ex-husband, quickly made an appearance, only to abduct Maddie and stab Chimney. After Maddie experienced postpartum depression following the birth of their daughter Jeep-Yun, the couple also had to deal with an emotional fight.

However, Choi believes that the pair’s enduring support of one another through their highs and lows is what makes their romance the “greatest” now airing on television.

Inside Maddie and Chimney's 9-1-1 romance with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kenneth Choi

No matter how strange or hopeless things appear, we know that we will always be there for one another. We understand that we support and care for one another,” Choi said to Us, referring to the pair as a “metaphor” for genuine partnerships. “Everyone experiences conflict and strife, but in order to make things work, you always have to find a way to pull together.”

The couple finally said “I do” during the Thursday, May 2, episode. After five seasons of ups and downs, the couple decided to exchange their planned big, fancy wedding for an intimate hospital bed ceremony. Although the nuptials were unconventional, Choi and Hewitt felt that it was perfectly in line with the journeys of their characters. “I loved it,” Hewitt said of the unexpected wedding venue swap. “I think Maddie even says at the end, ‘That’s what we do. We end up at a hospital together and all the good stuff happens.’ So it felt perfect. It really did.” Choi and Hewitt are acutely aware of the deep connection fans have to the Maddie and Chimney dynamic, primarily because they feel that manner as well. According to Choi, Chimney experienced “love at first sight.”

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“When you question, how did you meet your wife? I have some acquaintances who are happily married. He clarified, “They say, ‘When I saw her, I knew in my head I was going to marry her.'” And it actually occurs frequently, in my opinion, and Maddie and Chimney are two examples of it. That, in my opinion, is the one where there was that instantaneous type of connection when he first saw her and she saw him. I’ve been sifting through all these folks and that’s the one.

Hewitt, on the other hand, is happy that Maddie and Chimney are the “older” couple on the program and that it “took a minute” for them to meet.

“I adore how, despite their disparate broken pieces, they all feel whole again when they’re together,” she remarked. Furthermore, I believe Maddie needed someone like Chimney to help her see through the darkness she had been living in. And Maddie, in my opinion, gives Chimney the validation he deserves for being unique.”I simply find it to be such a lovely thing.”

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