Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Facts, Care & Price

Hyacinth Macaw is a most popular macaw breed among other macaw breeds. These Hyacinthine macaws are very rare breed, found in eastern and central South America.  They have a different kind of features like yellow patch of skin close to the lower bill, cobalt blue feathers (entirely blue and lighter above) and bare yellow Eye rings. They have a strong beak which can break human’s finger. We’ll discuss below Hayacinth Macaw price factors which might be affect on cost.


What do Hyacinth Macaws eat?

These blue macaws eat hard nuts and seeds from the Brazil nut pods and Macadamia Nuts. The Hyacinth macaws are also eating fruits, nectar and other nuts from the trees of Attalea phalerata and Acrocomia aculeata.

Adult age for Breeding:

They normally adult in the age of 2 years but they fully mature in 4 years.


You can see this parrot breed in the wild (alone or in group shape), palms of swamps and near to the wild rivers. These birds normally make nests in large clay mounds and mountains near forest canal and rivers.


The hyacinth macaw’s population discovered almost 6ooo to 10,000 overall. . These parrots habitat is being change because of cattle ranching and mechanize agriculture and illegal trade to overseas.


The females are smaller than (1.5 kg) from the male (1.7kg), and wingspan 130 to 150cm.


These parrots can live more than 40 years normally.

Sexual facts:

These rare parrots arrive at sexual development at 7 years old to 10 years. The blue macaws only lay two eggs in July to December, the second being a few days after the fact than the first. Brooding is finished by the female, for about a month, and the male brings her nourishment during this period. Commonly one chick dies and only second survives. Chicks stay with their folks for around a half year and the two guardians feed them. Chicks are self in the age of 6 month.

Is Hyacinth macaw good parrot as a pet?

Here we can say that, if you are going to adopt for Hyacinth macaw as a pet you need to know about all difficulties of this parrot in a home. The most expensive price, making noise and everyday request for collaboration and attention make this parrot an appropriate pet for just the most experienced and committed avian lover.

Hyacinth Macaw’s Price:

This unique breed of parrot is only seen in the zoos of world, because of high price like $10,000.

Are macaws dangerous for kids?

There is no doubt to keep away children from, if you have a wild Hyacinth macaw. These birds so aggressive and can bite children and any family person with their strong beak. While if you are keeping home breed so you can take easy. They can also attack if children are constantly disturbing them. And also screech loudly.

Hyacinthine macaw parrot facts:

  • The Blue macaw can mimic person’s voices.
  • These parrots enjoy by eating or chewing “Macaw Licks” (clay found in Wild River or clay mountains in different forest) which help them retain the poison that normally happens in some unripe fruits and seeds grown from the ground.  
  • They slice the nut into two pieces look like cutting by human cutter.
  • The macaws are developing stronger beak in every new generation. The reason are palm trees which providing harder and harder nuts overtime. You can say that, these nuts have an exercise in everyday life to beak.

Hyacinth Macaw Care Tips for Home breed

  • The blue macaw can be prone to overgrown beaks that they don’t have a continuous stockpile of toys and branches to decimate and other is macaw wasting disease. So you should be providing all needed items or accessories for this macaw.
  • If we are talking about temperature, so almost 70 to 80 ˚F is a suitable temperature for this macaw. They can survive in low and high temperature against above mentioned.
  • The wingspan of this bird is greater than to 122 cm so therefore you should be keep minimum 5feet width x 6 feet length x 6 feet height. They are proper breed in aviaries.
  • This parrot is so expensive and rare for parrot breeders, so don’t risk buying weak pipe/wire cage, please hire strong wire cage for your macaw hobby.  Because these macaw can break or destroy wire with their strong and heavy beak.
  • These world’s bigger parrots eat nuts, seeds and fruits in wild, so they have a need all about nuts seeds and fruits. You can also offered best vitamins supplements after taking from shops and stores.
  • You can trim nail and bigger beak of blue macaws if this becomes a problem.
  • The water should be kept in large quantity in a vessel that they easily take bath for cleaning their feathers.
  • If your parrot looking lazy or sick, don’t waste time to call a doctor/veterinarian.
  • You should be spray medicine weekly or after 15 days to finishing about all bird parasites such as tick, internal worm, which causes feather plucking and other infections.

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