Golden Retriever Facts, Temperament & care

Golden Retriever is a most loyal dog for dog fanciers. This breed is very popular and demandable in all over the America. A lot of features boost their importance and beauty such as friendly, intelligent and devoted behavior. These dogs are considered experts in hunting, as guides for the blind and some competitive events. They have playful personality and best choice for adopting because of protecting their owners and kids. It is true that this breed is one of the top 10 high demandable dog breeds in USA.  This dog is very active and energetic among dog breeds.


 Golden Retriever dogs have a 65 to 70 pound in weight while females have mostly near to 55 to 60 pounds.


You’ll be found these dogs 23 to 24 inches in size of males and females have less than.


They can live almost 12 to 14 years of entire life.


This canine particularly appreciates games that include recovering and wants to convey things in his mouth. All around prepared and practiced Gulden’s are quiet and courteous at home, and eager when welcome to play. The Gulden’s accomplishments in serious acquiescence are noteworthy.


 There are two instructions which very important to almost every dog breeder “grooming and nail trimming”. You should be needed to brush after 3 day in coat growing days.

Diet or Nutrition:

 It is most important to know for dog breeders that your dog calories consumption and weight level is maintain. Give table pieces sparingly, if by any stretch of the imagination, particularly avoiding cooked bones and nourishment with high fat substance. If you have any concern about your dog’s diet so please get opinion from your vet.


They need plenty of exercise activities in everyday of life. You should be taught to your dog in canine sports activities like obedience, tracking and agility. You should not only prepare your dog to physical and mental exercise rather you should involve in your family activities.  


Here we are alerting to you about diseases to get rid from conditions like hip dysplasia, elbow and eye infections(pigmentary uveitis, adolescent waterfalls,) and other certain heart sicknesses(subvalvular aortic stenosis) etc.

We are suggesting here some medical test for your Golden Retriever like,

  • Elbow Evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation
  • Cardiac Exam
  • Hip Evaluation

You should be test from the national breed clubs or registered pet veterinary.


Pup instructional courses fill in as a feature of the socialization procedure and help the proprietor figure out how to perceive and address any negative behavior patterns that might be creating.

Try not to let your Golden doggy run and play on hard surfaces, for example, asphalt until he’s at any rate two years of age and his joints are full-fledged. Typical play on grass is fine, as are little dog dexterity classes.

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