Earthrise photographer astronaut perishes in aircraft accident.

Earthrise photographer WASHINGTON: William Anders, the retired US astronaut who captured the famous “Earthrise” picture from space more than 55 years ago, passed away on Friday at the age of 90 in a plane accident, according to his family.

According to his son, Anders was operating a tiny aircraft when it crashed on Friday morning off the coast of Washington state. In the plane by himself was Anders. A Coast Guard spokeswoman was quoted in The Seattle Times as saying that a dive team later found his body.

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Earthrise photographer Along with fellow Americans Frank Boorman and James Lovell, Anders was a member of the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968 and was one of the first humans to orbit the Moon. After making ten moon orbits without making landfalls, the crew eventually made it back to Earth on December 27, 1968. Anders took a picture of the cratered surface of the Moon in the foreground and the brilliant blue Earth against the deep blackness of space during one of the lunar orbits.

Earthrise photographer In a 1997 NASA oral history interview, he recalled, “We’d been going backwards and upside down, didn’t really see the Earth or the Sun, and when we rolled around and came around and saw the first Earthrise.” That was undoubtedly the most astounding aspect. to witness this incredibly delicate, vibrant orb approaching over this harsh, unattractive lunar landscape—it reminded me of a Christmas tree ornament.”

The “Earthrise” picture was featured in Life Magazine’s book “100 Photographs that Changed the World” and is regularly included in compilations of significant historical photos. In 2022, an original version of the picture brought 11,800 euros at auction in Copenhagen.

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Earthrise photographer NASA Administrator Bill Nelson posted on social networking site X, “In 1968, during Apollo 8, Bill Anders offered to humanity among the deepest of gifts an astronaut can give.” “He reached the Moon’s edge and gave us all a new perspective on ourselves. He was the epitome of the exploring process and its lessons. He will be missed, Nelson continued.

Earthrise photographer An older model plane that was flying from north to south before going into the ocean and sinking was reported to local authorities on Friday at noon, according to a statement from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Washington.

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